Vegetation Maintenance in Extreme Heat: Lawn Care Ovilla, TX Experts Share their Tips

We have seen how you can protect your lawn and turf during extreme heat days – but a gorgeously looking landscape means more than just the lawn. You need to also protect trees, potted plants, shrubs, hedges, vegetables and decorative flowers as well. Of course, watering is mandatory, together with some other gardening activities which ensure your landscape’s thriving and health. Our lawn care Ovilla, TX experts want to add their own expertise to their lawn care Red Oak, TX colleagues’ advice and give you a short guide on how to protect the landscape from extreme heat.

Water According to a Plan

Given the area you live in, the most important thing you need to pay attention is your local watering regulation guideline. If everything is in order, then make sure your vegetation gets the correct amount of water it needs to handle a heat wave.

  • Have your lawn care Ovilla, TX experts advise you on the watering rules of your potted plants depending on their varieties. As an extra piece of advice, if outdoor potted plants can be moved, try to temporarily place them in shadowy areas on the property or even on the terrace or deck until the heat wave passes.
  • If you have new trees, shrubs and bushes planted on your property, give them twice the water you normally give them in summer, twice as often. However, you should permanently inspect and assess the situation to make sure your hard plants receive the proper hydration.
  • When it comes to older trees, shrubs or hedges, especially if they are native, resilient species, you shouldn’t get overly concerned with them, but this doesn’t mean they don’t need maintenance. Ask your lawn care Ovilla, TX experts for their advice on helping older plants to resist a heat wave.
  • Just as you water the turf early in the morning, you should also water all other plants and trees before sunrise to avoid rapid evaporation.
  • Don’t forget about mulching the trees, the flower beds, the vegetable rows, hedges, shrubs and bushes. Use moist mulch for both humidity and fertilization and replace it whenever it decomposes to keep the roots cool and safe from pests and weeds.

Use Shades, Wind Breaks and Covers

As temporary solutions, shade cloths, tree / shrub / vegetables / hedges covers and wind breaks are the best solution to offer your vegetation enough shade and protection against the scorching sunlight. If you don’t know where and how to install such covers, shade sails and tree cloths ask your lawn care Ovilla, TX xperts to give you a hand.

Other Maintenance Activities to Implement

Heat stresses vegetation in many different ways, but you can help it save its energy to grow healthily and resists the extreme weather.

  • Prune and trim your trees, shrubs, hedges and bushes, removing the dead, diseased or dangerous twigs and branches – such an activity helps the plants regain their energy and use better their resources.
  • Think about organic soil amendments to feed the plants’ roots with necessary nutrients that will help them become healthier, stronger and thus more resilient to extreme weather conditions.
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