Using Weeds as Turf: Lawn Care Waxahachie, TX Experts Talk about Xeriscaping

Traditionally, residential properties in Texas are associated with imposing ranches featuring football field-sized lawns and lush vegetation. On the other hand, environmentalists warn us that around 1/3 of the total U.S. residential water consumption is wasted on lawn irrigation. Since Texas is a challenging region, there is no wonder that xeriscaping (landscaping with minimum water consumption) has become more than a trend, but a necessity.

Our lawn care Waxahachie, TX experts took a look around and found a few interesting trends in xeriscaping. It seems that many horticulturists, landscape artists and lawn care providers started replacing the traditional grass lawn with weeds lawns. Certainly, traditional landscaping Arlington, TX specialists might consider this a blasphemy, as weed control is a serious task. However, xeriscaping might be a future solution for water preservation and some landscaping architects already found some brilliant alternatives to turf.

1. Native Plants Turf

Native plants cultivated in “freedom lawns” or xeriscaping-based landscapes are grasses and weeds which need little to no watering, any fertilization, or pest control. Included, but not limited to, are chickweed, crabgrass, shrubs, different species of cactuses, bushy and flowery wild shrubs and so on. Realistically speaking, such lawn would be indeed a weed farm. But lawn care Waxahachie, TX experts, together with landscaping maintenance Red Oak, TX specialists found that such a freedom lawn significantly lowers water bills and reduces time, effort and money wasted with lawn care and landscape management. Surely, some of these weeds need to be contained not to turn into a severe infestation, but xeriscaping artists consider it to be one of the easiest choices available. Such weeds and grasses go great with masonry and hardscapes and can turn a traditional Texan lawn into a small colored paradise all year long.

2. Dandelions Carpets

Dandelions are resilient to almost any type of soil or climacteric conditions. Regarded as wildflowers and weeds, they give lawn care specialists a lot of troubles when removal is in order. However, if planted correctly and contained to a limited front yard space, dandelions offer quite a visual show. Their sparkling yellow florets and their green leaves make a gorgeous carpet to welcome you home every day. Moreover, they need very little watering and a potential outbreak can be kept at bay with the help of your lawn care Waxahachie, TX specialists. If you fancy the idea, keep in mind that dandelions are edible plants top to bottom and are making an incredible herbal remedy for at least 10 different health issues.

3. White Clover Carpets

Another weed, white clover is considered an enemy in lawn care, except when it comes to xeriscaping. White clover offers you a carpet of bright green from spring to winter. In summer, it also gifts you a multitude of white small flowers to enchant your eye. This very small plant loves moist and shade, but it is incredibly resilient to heat. It is a self-sustainable plant, extracting its nitrogen out of thin air and needs rare watering sessions. Those replacing turf with white clover felt the water savings significantly and they still enjoy a lush green front yard.

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