Three House and Yard Common Dangers: Pest Control Waxahachie, TX Pros to the Rescue

We have talked about pests many times before, focusing on those creepy crawlers that pose a threat to your lawn, landscape and crops. But while we did pay attention to certain species of insects, we seemed to have forgotten to warn you about common pests that find their way into your yard every year, with clockwork precision. The problem with these creatures is that they are invasive and can enter your home as well, turning into serious health dangers for you and your family. Our pest control Waxahachie, TX experts are here today to remind you that fall doesn’t come only with fruits, vegetables and surreal tree foliage – it also comes with some of the most dreaded pests in the state of Texas.

1. Wasps and Yellow Jackets

We mentioned these stinging pests before, teaching you how to recognize them and make due diligence to keep them at bay. However, it is only fair to warn you again that you shouldn’t overlook and underestimate their presence around your property. Yellow jackets and wasps are known to being particularly active in autumn months, as they are attracted by anything sweet, as well as by humid areas such as swimming pools. Make sure that your fall property maintenance and preparation includes a thorough checkup of your garages, sheds, exterior buildings, basements and attics – especially if you store food products there. In case you spot such critters buzzing around, have your pest control Waxahachie, TX specialists implement a control and extermination program for you. Beware of their stings, as they can cause severe allergic reactions.

2. Roaches

Nobody likes them, many fear them and all want to get rid of them by shooting them on sight if possible. While it’s hard to make them go away, roaches can be exterminated with the help of professional pest control Waxahachie, TX experts. If you lay eyes on a roach in the house, immediately call licensed pest control specialists, as you won’t win the war on your own. Besides being abnormally resistant to extermination, roaches reproduce in fast and abundant cycles, being able to build entire colonies. The problem with them is they carry disease that are harmful to humans and pets and leave droppings that may worsen allergies symptoms. Roaches need sophisticated and complex extermination procedures and usually more than one treatment.

3. Rodents

While you may allow a cute little mouse to cross the yard, two little mice mean an infestation. Two rats mean you have a huge vermin problem on your hands, as rodents reproduce fast and in high numbers. Quite active in autumn, attractive by the abundance of food resources and damp, dark places, mice and rats can build nests both outside the house and inside it. They are usually found in basements, sheds, garages, attics and buildings’ walls. They can chew through wires, paneling and other household materials in just a few days. They are severe disease carriers and their bite can lead to serious health issues in pets, children and adults alike. While traps and baits work to some extent, you still need your pest control Waxahachie, TX specialists to assess the situation and implement the proper extermination methods.

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