Sustainable Grasses for Beginners: Lawn Care Waxahachie, TX Specialists’ Advice

Many people inherit properties and lawns or they just bought a new home in the area. The excitement is understandable and savvy new owners are now busier than ever, especially because new properties require a lot of work and well-made plans. Thinking ahead means better budgeting, well-considered long-term plans and a focus on sustainability. And speaking about sustainability and economical-centric approaches to lawn care and gardening, our lawn care Waxahachie, TX specialists want to help you choose the best and most sustainable turf grasses for your future sparkling green and thriving lawns.

1. Common Bermuda Grass

This is probably the most popular grass variety growing in Texas because it grows very dense, it is easy to establish and it is very resilient to drought – thus being recommended for properties with little shade. Our lawn care Waxahachie, TX experts recommend a 1.5 inch mowing height. As watering is involved, you should take note of your local watering restrictions, but as a general rule it needs half the water required by other turf varieties. The grass is also affordable, making it a wise choice for homeowners interested in having lush lawns that follow sustainability principles.

2. Celebration Bermuda Grass

This Bermuda variety is more durable than its common cousin and it is used in residential and commercial landscaping due to its resilience to drought and foot traffic. In fact, the Celebration variety is also used in athletic fields. If you want to turn your back yard into a barbecue area or a playing ground for children and pets, you can talk to your local lawn care Waxahachie, TX specialists about cultivating Celebration Bermuda. However, keep in mind that it is recommended to properties with partial shade.

3. Zoysia Grass

Another popular choice in Texas, Zoysia grass is quite hard to establish (as it grows relatively slow) and needs maintenance, but it also comes with plenty of benefits. It is very durable and relatively disease-free, making it a great option for areas with foot traffic and activity-centered ones. However, you should know that Zoysia thrives better in shady areas, although it can take some Texan scorching sun. Ask your local lawn care Waxahachie, TX experts about the pros and cons of Zosya on your property and discuss the sustainability factor of this grass, especially if you own a large property.

4. Bahia Grass

While not easy to find in your area, Bahia grass is worth a mention on this list because its resilience to drought and its low maintenance properties. It is more of a utility grass than an aesthetic one, recommended to those who want to have a lush lawn but don’t want to go overboard with watering and day-to-day care. As sustainability is concerned, the grass will give you little trouble, because it is pest and diseases resistant, also needing minimal mowing. It is basically a warm season lawn that can be planted from grass seeds.

5. Bufallo Grass

The only grass type native to Texas, Buffalo grass is the very definition of endemic planting and sustainable landscaping. It needs irrigation, but it is highly resistant to heat, adding a wispy appearance to your property. It is a decorative grass among all and it does not take well foot traffic, so it is recommended for front lawns to boost the looks and value of the property.

If you want to learn more about turf varieties you can grow, have your lawn care Waxahachie, TX specialists pay you a visit, evaluate the property and make recommendations.

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