The Stepping Stones to an Effective Lawn Care Arlington TX Strategy

Duncan Robinson Park, California Lane Park, the River Legacy Parks – these are just three of the over eighty lovely and lush parks in Arlington TX. We, locals, are lucky to be living in a verdant area, where the sight of a well-manicured lawn, or tall fescue grass is common. In fact, the whole area, from Mansfield to Ovilla, has some perfectly appointed turf to show for. However, this is all the doing of the Parks and Rec department – an army of lawn care and maintenance staff whose sole responsibility is to keep nature verdant in the area.Can a mere Arlington TX home owner dream of having such natural beauty right on their own property? We, at Vista Turf Lawn & Pest definitely believe it is possible. This is why we’ve recruited some of our top lawn care service experts to put together a list of the essential steps required in order to create the perfect lawn. Today, we’re going to let you in on our professional lawn maintenance secrets, to give you a rough idea of what you can expect, when working with us.

Step #1: Grass species selection

Home owners don’t always realize this, but not all grass species are the same. Sure, they might look similar from a distance, but once you get acquainted with the different types of turf available on the market, you start realizing the differences between them. For instance, some species, like Bermuda grass, can thrive even in hot, dry climates. It will, however, look verdant when watered. At the same time, acidic and sandy soils provide a great environment for growing centipede grass.

When planning out your future lawn, it’s important to work with a lawn care expert who can help you select the right species. Bermuda grass, with its rough, yet delicate texture is a good option. If you won’t have too much time and effort to spare on watering, you might want to spring for centipede grass, which is very low maintenance. Carpet grass is ideal for swampier areas, since it needs ample watering, as well as frequent cutting. It’s all up to you and your esthetic preferences, once you understand what species can thrive in your area.

Step #2: Proper cutting and mowing strategies

As is the case with step #1, some home owners suffer from a few misconceptions, when it comes to cutting grass. Our lawn mowing company technicians, on the other hand, are willing and able to debunk them. Grass should never be shorn too short, since this encourages the emergence of weeds, as well as of brown spots. Tall grass is genuinely healthy, since it dries out the ground during the hot summer months, while also providing enough shade to ward off weeds. Opt for customized lawn care Arlington TX services, if you want your turf mowed the right way. Bear in mind that we also offer our services in Kennedale, Midlothian, and the remainder of the Arlington area.

Step #3: The organic approach

We, at Vista Turf Lawn & Pest are all about an organic approach, which can save you the money you’d otherwise spend on chemicals. To boot, organic lawn care is also far more environmentally friendly. For instance, our lawn care workers use grass clippings for mulching and fertilization, since they are a nitrogen-rich source for your soil.

Step #4: Water deeply, not frequently

Do you know how deep the root system of a blade of grass goes? As deep as 6 inches into the ground. As such, if you want effective watering, don’t do it on the daily. Instead, take up a profound watering approach, which will nourish your turf far better

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