Be Ready for Summer: A Short Lawn Care Ovilla, TX Guide on Preparation and Prevention

We are facing another long summer ahead of us with scorching heat and few chances of rain. If you are new to lawn care in Texas, then you need a heads-up on preparation and prevention in order to make sure your lawn and garden stay healthy and thriving and don’t succumb under the damaging sunrays. Our lawn care Ovilla, TX experts prepared a short guide on what you need to do and how to do it to keep your lawn fresh, green and thriving all summer long.

Watering and Mowing 101

You know that in your area lawn watering is an issue from many points of view. Water your lawn at least 2-3 times a week and make sure it gets at least 1 inch of water on every session. You should be aware of your neighborhood’s watering regulations – if there are any – and don’t waste water if you don’t have to. Ask your local lawn care Ovilla, TX company to help you make a correct water scheduling plan. You should also consider having a landscape irrigation system installed to water the lawn in a smart and economic manner to keep the vegetation healthy and resilient to summer heat.

For the ones new to lawn management, the rule of thumb is to never cut the grass lower than its recommended mowing height. It is not rocket science, so ask your regular landscaping Ovilla, TX company to mow the lawn or do it yourself while learning the mowing heights of your grass species. Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blades every time you mow; change mowing directions as frequently as you can and always keep your blades sharpened.

Prevention is Key

Prevention means that you should not only inspect your property often and intervene when you see the signs of pests, weeds and diseases, but also taking measures so these issues don’t bother you too much. Heat has damaging effects so you should start with some preventative measures now in order to enjoy the results in a month or two.

  • Soil aeration: ask your local lawn care Ovilla, TX company to aerate your soil if you didn’t manage to do it by now. A properly aerated soil means stronger and deeper roots and healthier plants which can resist the heat more successfully.
  • Fertilization: if you have a choice, use organic fertilizers instead of chemical ones as the latter interact with the heat negatively and can literally burn the top soil or the grasses. If you use chemicals, always ask for help from your local lawn care Ovilla, TX experts, they can tailor a fertilization program to keep your lawn healthy. However, you can also start making compost and use other organic fertilization methods to lower the chemical impact on the environment.
  • Weed control: if you didn’t apply pre-emergence weed treatments, now it is a good time. Pull weeds whenever you see them and have your lawn care Ovilla, TX experts apply the proper weed treatments which don’t clash with the summer heat, but protect your property from weed infestations.
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