Practical Advice on Lawn Care – Arlington TX Residents’ Guide to Watering

Among all the tasks required to be performed for lawn maintenance, watering is the easiest, right? Not quite, actually, and the underestimation of this task’s complexity can lead to a whole number of things bad for your lawn’s general well being. When it comes to regular lawn care, Arlington TX residents seem to believe that watering should take place every day or every other day, but that’s usually too much for the grass, though it may be required by other plants.

As a result, people often over-water, which leads to drowning some plants and stressing the ones with shallow roots, as well as partly causing the invasion of weeds. Some of the substances you apply, ranging from fertilizer to weed or pest control will also wash away from over-watering, making the lawn care efforts less effective or even causing them to fail. Last, but not least, over-watering is a complete waste, which makes it both unethical and a burden on your budget.

To make watering more effective, our lawn care Arlington TX experts have a few things to say about how to properly assess your lawn’s needs. The need of water can vary a bit from lawn to lawn, but these are some factors which need to be taken into account to get a good picture. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to water the lawn about one inch per week, because deeper watering is preferable to a shallow watering. This feeds the deeper roots of the grass, encouraging their growth, which will in turn lead to a higher resistance to draught.

Also, try to do all the watering in the morning, as the needs of the grass are somewhat lower then and the following sunlight will help dry the grass. If you were to water in the evening, if the grass remains wet overnight, it would also be more prone to diseases, and you want to avoid that. As for mowing, try to never cut more than 2 inches, in order to avoid putting too much stress on the grass. Also avoid cutting when the sun is at its peak, to prevent the vulnerable cut grass from drying out too much.

When it comes to fertilizing, if done carefully, it can contribute to deeper grass roots, which will make your lawn more draught-resistant. But on the other hand, if done incorrectly, fertilizing can spark some long-term lawn care problems which you would better avoid. Try to only apply fertilizer after the lawn has been properly watered, as the substances used in fertilizing sometimes tend to draw water out and thus over-dry the lawn.

Also take into account factors like the weather – don’t water if there’s rain coming up in the next few days – or planting some species of grass which keep moisture better, in order to optimize the water use.

These tips were offered to you by Vista Turf Lawn & Pest, your local lawn care expert for the regions of Arlington TX, Mansfield, Cedar Hill, Red Oak, Midlothian and so on. If you need help with any issue related to lawn care, we’re the right people to call.

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