Pests and Plants: A Quick Summer Guide from our Pest Control Kennedale TX Specialists

There is nothing random in nature and this truth is easy to prove when you realize that many of your ornamental plants or delicious herbs and veggies also protect each other from pests. We have talked about companion plants before and plants able to deter pests, but our readers asked us for a more detailed guide on how to mix them. For those who are still new to organic gardening and pest control and for those who want a reminder for this season, let’s see what to plant to have fewer pests around this year. Our pest control Kennedale TX specialists have prepared a list for you to use!

  • Mint and rosemary: if planted around the garden they will discourage the egg-laying process of many insects, including the dreaded cabbage moth.
  • Mint and tansy: plant them around the house to discourage ants.
  • Tansy is a good companion as it can deter Japanese beetles and mosquitoes from around the house, lawn, and patio.
  • Plant basil around the porch, your outdoor living room, barbecue area, leisure outdoor areas to repel flies and mosquitoes.
  • Plant as many marigolds on the front lawn, the garden, the vegetable garden, patios, kiosks, outdoor leisure areas, and so on: marigolds keep at bay many types of insects, including nematodes and Japanese beetles; they are excellent companion plants for tomatoes.
  • Borage is a wide addition to your tomato garden as it fends off the tomato hornwarm.
  • Thyme is excellent for repelling cabbageworms, so you can plant it in your vegetable garden.
  • Lavender is, as we all know, an excellent moth repellent; while it grows fresh in the garden it can keep off plenty of insects due to its powerful scent; cut and dry (and placed in your closet and drawers) it keeps moths away from your clothes.
  • Pyrethrum painted daisies can be planted as lawn edge, landscape and flower beds additions, vegetable garden borders or companions: they do an excellent job at keeping aphids away from your flowers and veggies.
  • Resistant varieties of rhododendron and azaleas will deter many pests, especially weevils.
  • Garlic, if planted in vegetable gardens and even flower beds repels Japanese beetles and aphids.
  • If you plant onion along garlic as borders, companion plants in between rows of vegetables or along fences, around garden sheds or even around patios will keep mice and moles away from these areas.
  • Chives and leeks deter the carrot fly, so they make good companions for vegetable gardens.
  • Plant chives and leeks in flower beds, shrub / hedges areas and as lawn edges to improve the overall health of the vegetation.

Such mixes of plants are recommended when you already have your own local team of pest control Kennedale TX experts by your side. The organic plant – pest approach is indeed helpful when you simply need to keep things in control. If you do experience severe pest infestations, you need to call your pest control Kennedale TX pros at once to solve the problem and teach you about combining organic pest control measures with tailored fertilizers and pesticides to keep your lawn, landscape, and crops healthy and thriving.

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