Pest Control Red Oak, TX Pros Warn Us about Two Frightening Texan Spiders

As you probably know by now, the state of Texas hosts many insects and, unfortunately, a lot of them are pests. While most people have a hard time dealing with cockroaches and mosquitoes, some declared war on spiders. It is true, spiders don’t look friendly even if they are and Texas is known for being the favorite home of at least two scary ones: the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. The problem with these two particular spiders is that they are dangerous for humans and pets. And while people don’t even imagine they can unknowingly host such enemies on their turf our pest control Red Oak, TX specialists agree that it is better to prevent than to cure. Today, our experts joined forces with their pest control Mansfield, TX colleagues to offer you a crash course on Black Widow and Brown Recluse prevention and control.

1. The Black Widow

Recognition and Localization

The Black Widow is a rather famous spider, known for the fact that the female is larger than the male and eats it after the mating process.

  • Female Black Widows are large, pitch black in color, with a globular body and abdomen and featuring a reddish / yellowish hourglass on the underside.
  • The male Black Widow is small in size (and you won’t see it too often), is brownish in color and nondescript.
  • The Black Widow spiders live outdoors in dark, undisturbed places, such as woodpiles, storage rooms, under eaves, under piles of dead grasses and so on.
  • Unfortunately, you may encounter them indoors as well, as they love a good hiding place in the attic or in the basement.

The Black Widow won’t attack by itself, but it will react violently if disturbed by accident. Its bite was proven deadly, so trade your encounters with care.

2. The Brown Recluse

Recognition and Localization

  • The Brown Recluse is a golden brown spider, featuring a dark brown or black fiddle-shaped pattern on the head.
  • Both males and females release a neurotoxin which triggers severe systemic reactions in people; the most vulnerable categories to their venom are children, the elders, and the pets; while not deadly, the Brown Recluse bite needs to be immediately treated by competent doctors.
  • These spiders live in the dark, both indoors and outdoors: garages, attics, basements, between boards, in boxes, between old clothes and towels, inside dark storage rooms, under wood piles and in almost all undisturbed areas on your property.

Black Widow and Brown Recluse Pest Control

Our pest control Red Oak, TX experts advise you to always wear proper gloves and footwear when involved in lawn care and gardening activities and always watch out for spider webs. As a general rule, always trim and mow your lawn with care, cleaning the debris and removing all wood piles or rags from the ground. Keep your storage rooms cleaned and in perfect order and install insect-repelling systems. In case you are worried about these two spiders in particular, always call for expert pest control Red Oak, TX experts to manage the problem.

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