Pest Control Ovilla, TX Pros on Summer Grub Deterrence

Grubs are almost invisible, catastrophic predators that can take over your lawn and don’t stop until it is irreparably damaged. Disgusting in sight and voracious in behavior, grubs are in fact the larvae of the June Beetle or the June Bug. They are small – ½ – 1 inch long –, white-creamy colored, sporting three pairs of legs, a C shape when disturbed and an appetite you need to keep under control at all costs. They can thrive underneath your lawn and feed on your turf roots, leading to massive destruction if uncontained. Our pest control Ovilla, TX specialists gathered here today to offer you a heads-up on grub control and deterrence as July and August make the perfect months for grubs to unleash their damaging potential.

Grub Infestation and Attack: Symptoms

Grubs have a soft spot for grasses like St. Augustine, Bermuda, zoysia, and buffalo, but they will not say no to other turf varieties.

  • In order to early catch an infestation you need to test the lawn and the soil underneath. You can call your pest control Ovilla, TX experts to perform professional sod testing or you can assess the situation on your own.
  • Look for random and irregular brown patches of lawn and try to peel them away. If they are easy to peel off like carpet, you might have a grub situation on your hands.
  • You can also dig up small sections of the lawn: if there are in between 5 and 10 small creamy white C shaped worms crawling underneath the turf on a square foot of dug out lawn then it’s time to employ proper grub control measures.

Non-Invasive Grub Control Treatments

If you want to try a more organic approach, one of the easiest ways to control grubs is the introduction of beneficial nematodes into the soil. These tiny worms release bacteria that deter grubs without affecting the soil or grasses. Beneficial nematodes come in a liquid form or they can be mixed with water and sprayed on the affected lawn areas.

Neem Oil is a natural botanical insecticide which works as a repellent for grubs, putting a stop to June bugs’ egg laying and grubs’ growth and feeding. Mixing Neem Oil with water and spraying the infected areas can keep grubs development at bay.

Chemical Grub Treatments

The use of chemical pesticides is always a risky business, as usually these substances also impact the soil, the vegetation and the other beneficial insects you want to thrive on your lawn. If you find that grubs infested large areas of your property, don’t use pesticides unless you had your local pest control Ovilla, TX specialists assess the situation and provide you with a tailored grub control long-term program.

Grubs are annoying and damaging creatures and they should be kept at bay with proper preventative and direct methods. Ask your local pest control Ovilla, TX company to implement a grub control program that doesn’t endanger the environment or your health. Remember that prevention is always more preferable to intervention, but if a serious infestation occurs, you will need all the help you can get.

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