Pest Control Mansfield, TX Pros on Non-Toxic Yellow Jackets Prevention and Control

We have talked about different problematic types of insects and pests before, but wasps (yellow jackets) need a bit of particular attention. Many people fear them – and for all the right reasons – but wasps aren’t technically pests, even if we tend to consider them so. Wasps feed mostly on insects which are mostly pests, but they do pose a threat to humans and pets if disturbed. Social wasps do sting and are a true nuisance, but fighting them off with the help of pesticides and chemicals can harm the environment. Of course, the careless use of pesticides may lead to health problems for you and the turf and garden. Today, our pest control Mansfield, TX pros came up with a few suggestions on how to implement non-toxic and natural yellow jackets prevention and control strategy that is harmless for you and the micro-ecosystem you have on your property.

1. Remove All Food Sources

Wasps are attracted to protein foods in spring and early summer. This is why you have to keep your yard, garden and outdoor spaces completely clean and neat. No barbecue leftovers left around, no picnic scraps, no food leftovers on the plates left outside after last evening’s outdoor dinner. You also should make sure there is no pet food outside as well and no garbage containers open or compost piles uncovered. Wasps remember where the food source was and they will keep coming searching for food a while after you removed the sources.

2. Don’t Try to Destroy the Nest on Your Own

If left uncontrolled, wasps can build serious nests on your property and will get very defensive if you approach them. They can build aerial nests, ground or underground nests and even nests inside the house walls. Never go near a wasp nest without using protective clothes, gloves and gear. Your first encounter with wasps can be very stingy, so it is always better to call your local pest control Mansfield, TX team to implement a wasp control plan and remove the nests in a professional manner. Also, don’t try to burn a wasp nest, nor flood it with water – this will just get the wasps borderline crazy and aggressive.

3. Install Traps

Wasps’ traps are rather controversial, as many specialists consider they are not as useful as advertised, since wasps can fly for hundred of meters and travel long distance when foraging for food. However, if the wasps are settled on your property and their activity seems limited to your area, you can try to install a few natural and non-toxic wasp traps. Ask your local pest control Mansfield, TX company to set up the best wasp traps around – depending on the wasps’ activity, favorite foraging places, the season and their number. Ask about the efficiency of wasp water trap, glass trap, a bee-free wasp deterrent and so on.

Our pest control Arlington, TX colleagues also insist in early prevention. The sooner you met a wasp on your property, the better you consider taking control over them and keep them at bay, without killing them. If properly contained, wasps can be natural predators to your usual garden pests.

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