Penny-Wise Landscaping Grand Prairie, TX: Is It Possible?

Large properties are every homeowner’s dream and nightmare in the same time. On one hand, having wide patches of land filled with luscious sparkling green turf, coloured flowers, tall grasses swaying in the wind, perfectly trimmed trees and vibrant green shrubs makes one feeling like reaching Heaven. On the other hand, such a generous land filled with vegetation needs daily care and maintenance, plenty of money to spend and quite some manpower to employ to not let anything overgrow. Large properties and even medium-sized ones are incredibly hard to manage, landscaping Grand Prairie, TX experts say from their own experience. Moreover, even if homeowners manage to do all lawn maintenance activities on their own, without hiring a lawn care Grand Prairie, TX professional company, the costs do still skyrocket.

So can one engage in a penny-wise landscaping project to both keep a lush outdoor landscape and save some money along the way? Lawn care Grand Prairie, TX, together with their landscaping Cedar Hill, TX colleagues summed up a few methods to employ to cut down the budget, efforts and number of concerns related to large landscape management.

Lawn Size Rethinking

Cutting the lawn size usually implies building things on the ground, to eliminate grass areas which need intensive mowing, watering and so on. But you don’t want to bring the urban landscape in the garden, because you’d live in the city if concrete was your thing. So let’s see what can be done:

  • Introduce elements of hardscape into the overall picture, insisting on wooden elements for a deck you can use to organize garden parties.
  • Build a kiosk in wood or even a summer outdoor kitchen.
  • Walkways are important, but also are fountains, large decorative elements (flower pots for instance), a patio, a sand-bedded playground for children and so on.
  • Flower beds with rock frames also cut down the size of the property, while keeping it fully natural and beautiful.
  • Landscaping Waxahachie, TX experts also advise you go vertical, if you cut down a few good square feet of grass and replaced it with hardscape or alleys. Install vertical gardens and arches for climbing plants and flowers to compensate for the reduced turf areas.
  • Make your own fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides by mixing organic elements and using food leftovers or organic products you have in the kitchen or bathroom

There are some means to cut costs and still have a lush landscape Grand Prairie, TX experts say. Call your local lawn care company and ask for a professional assessment and consultations.

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