Paint in Pink: Lawn Care Ovilla, TX Pros’ Recommendations of Texas Wildflowers

Having a lush and beautiful front lawn, garden and landscape is every homeowner’s dream came true. This year pink and all shades of violets are quite in fashion, so why shouldn’t you bring in some sweet, fairytale-like pink flowers on your property? Given the fact that lawn care and gardening in Texas should consider sustainable landscaping and water preservation regulations, why not consider some Texan wildflowers? Native to the area, resilient to draught and local pests / diseases, Texas wildflowers embellish our land and make our highway drives a trip through Paradise. Today, our lawn care Ovilla, TX pros talk about their five favorite Texan pink wildflowers to plant in your garden!

1. Pink Evening Primrose

This gorgeous pink flower blooms April to June across much of the state. Known as the buttercup, this flower is resilient to draught. In northern Texas, the flowers whither and die each day, the blooms being replaced each evening. In the other parts of the state, the blooms stay open all day, welcoming you home with their perfect look and their subtle scent.

2. The Winecup

You have seen this bright, dark pink flower when you passed through open woods and scrublands areas, but you can adopt it especially if you own some sandy soil patches on your property. Except the west side of the state, the winecup blooms early spring into summer, offering you an about six to eight inches high single flowers symphony. You can talk to your lawn care Ovilla, TX experts about the branch variety of the winecup, a shrub-like wildflower growing up to two / three feet and enchanting you with many blossoms on one branch.

3. Spotted Beebalm

If you love the looks and the scents you find in Texan sandy or rocky pastures, prairies, plains, and meadows, then you will love this flower back home as well. Many local gardeners know this plant as lemon-mint, horsemint, or wild bergamot. You will adore its resilience to heat and lack of water, its scent and its looks. Moreover, this is a sturdy, tall annual or biennial blooming May through August. In case you are an adept of naturescaping, this is the perfect choice to add to your property in order to cut back some of the turf size.

4. Rain Lily

When it rains and if it rains, some Texan lawns get covered with these delicate, subtly scented white / pink flowers which appear like magic a few days after a heavy rain. They usually grow in masses and offer a carpet of visual delight and an unforgettable aroma. A foot-high green stem is adorned with a single white blossom opening slowly at dusk, gradually expanding at night and putting up a real show in full flower by morning. A few days later, the flowers turn pink and whither. The larger varieties of rain lilies bloom in spring and early summer.

5. Texas Thistle

Those interested in sustainable landscaping and organic lawn care will be glad to hear that the Texas Thistle is an amazing flower attracting pollinators. Goldfinches eat the seeds and line their nests with the fluff of the ripened seeds while bumblebees and butterflies turn the garden into a veritable micro-ecosystem. The flower blooms April to August and it is a visual delight.

Let your lawn care Ovilla, TX pros recommend you other Texan wildflowers as well, pink or other colors, for a lush and truly unique landscape remodeling plan this year!

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