Naturescaping and Growing White Gaura: Lawn Care Ovilla, TX Pros’ Quick Guide

Very interested in the concept of naturescaping and the use of native plants to cut down maintenance efforts and costs, our readers requested more information on local Texan plants to add to their lawns and landscapes. Among a myriad of beautiful and low maintenance plants to talk about, our lawn care Ovilla, TX experts chose the White Gaura shrub as it meets all conditions: it is heat and draught resilient, it requires little to no watering and it is almost immune to pests. Besides that, it does look incredibly gorgeous, so let’s see today if this is a plant you might want to add on your property for looks and functionality.

How to Grow White Gaura

White Gaura propagates from seeds. The planting site should however be thoroughly prepared: remove debris, rocks and weeds and perform a deep plowing. You can ask our lawn care Ovilla, TX specialists to give you a hand with the process as Gaura doesn’t transplant well and it is better to sow the seeds directly at the planting site. If you properly plant it, this Texas native grows up to 5 feet tall with white (or light pink hued) flowers appearing from summer to fall.

White Gaura Thriving Conditions

Before sowing seeds and waiting for this gorgeous plant to embellish your property, you should ask your local lawn care Ovilla, TX experts to give you a hand with the specifics of proper growing of White Gaura.

  • Position: pick a sunny area on your property receiving at least 6 full hours of sun for prolific blooms. If the area is windy, however, you have to provide the plant with support.
  • Soil makeup: Gaura thrives in dry or sandy soil that receives generous amounts of light. Given its particular taproot, you should pick an area with deep and little fertile soil. Never plant Gaura in moist soils that is vulnerable to clay formation; water logging and drainage cloaking soil hinders the plant’s development.
  • Watering: this is the part all lawn care and landscapists love the most: White Gaura is a true Texan, needing little to no water. Resilient to draught and loving dry soils, its watering is recommended to be scarce and economical, in full compliance with local water saving regulations. Its long taproot makes it resilient to even prolonged periods of heat. You do need to water it properly and deeply from time to time but only if the top inches of soil get really dry.
  • Fertilization: too much fertilization will render the shrub limp, so it is better to refrain from using fertilizers. A moderate layer of mulch for nutrition and protection against extreme heat is enough.
  • Pruning and trimming: its blooming period ends in late summer, but you can boost the plant to life if you trim the shrub slightly (3″) to refresh it and promote its second period of vigorous blooming later in fall. Make sure you remove the spent flower spikes as soon as they fade. Also cut the entire stalk to promote more blooms.
  • Pests and diseases: the shrub is quite immune to diseases, but overwatering and moist soils can lead to root rot. You can keep an open eye to common yard pests, but you don’t have to worry much, as the shrub is rarely attacked by them.

This shrub, with its fine erected foliage and irregularly shaped flowers makes an amazing addition for your landscape, being favored as border, backdrop for lower growing plants in flower beds or centerpiece shrubs in rock gardens.

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