Naturescaping at its Best in Lawn Care Arlington, TX Projects

Given the fact that naturescaping and sustainability topics are important ones for homeowners in our area, we decided to continue our discussions by presenting you with vegetation options that follow such principles. We already looked at some turf grasses which are draught resilient, need little watering and make the perfect environment for the thriving of the eco-system. But a lush, healthy lawn also needs plants, flowers and shrubs to gain beauty and environmental value. Today, our lawn care Arlington, TX specialists want to present you with ornamental plants that promote sustainability, entertain beneficial insects and add color, contrast and movement to your gorgeous landscape.

1. The Dwarf Butterfly Bush

This dwarf shrub is an adapted evergreen that amazes you with its bright colors all summer long. As its name suggests, due to its nectar, the shrub attracts butterflies and bees all season long. It is also a favorite among hummingbirds, so its value to the ecosystem is undeniable. You can choose among white, pink, purple, red, and yellow varieties and use them as focal point / specimen plant in your lawn and garden. Its maintenance is easy to achieve, as the shrub thrives in full sun and has medium water demands. Overwatering is harming for the plant, so ask your lawn care Arlington, TX specialists about proper watering and cut backs for it to thrive.

2. The Texas Gayfeather

The Blazing Star deciduous perennial plant is native to Texas and it needs full sun to thrive. As sustainability is concerned, it requires small amounts of water to have a great development and it promotes the thriving of the ecosystem by attracting bees, butterflies and birds with its nectar. You can use it as a night accent / moon garden plant and enjoy its symphony of colors, as they come in pink, white and purple. It takes well dry and salty soils and will keep you delighted through summer and fall. Ask your local lawn care Arlington, TX team to give you further advice on how to plant the Texas Gayfeather and how to care for it.

3. The Mexican Feathergrass

The ones wanting to cut back their turf sizes or replace their lawn with a highly decorative, low-maintenance and sustainable grass, the Mexican Feathergrass is their best choice. This is a tall, soft, feathery and dense grass that can thrive in both partial shade and full sun areas. It tolerates well heat and drought, being perfect for dry soils. Our lawn care Arlington, TX specialists recommend this deciduous grass to spice up rock gardens, lawn edges, mixed borders or solve erosion problems. However, if you are truly into naturescaping, the Mexican Feathergrass is mostly recommended to replace traditional turf. It is a gorgeous grass suggesting prosperity and abundence, while its green or silver shades definitely turn your property into a rich and lush Garden of Eden.

There are plenty of other native Texas species of grasses or shrubs that can add color, texture, contrast and scent to your property while needing little to no maintenance and promoting sustainability and a healthy thriving of the eco-system.

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