Natural Lawn Edging Ideas: Lawn Care Arlington TX Experts’ Tips

A lush, spacious, green and strong lawn can look even better with some natural edging solutions. Lawn edges are used to separate the lawn from the other areas of your property, define limits borders and create barriers between different areas of your landscape. From a visual point of view, edging will make your lawn look neat, clean, organized and well-designed – in case you prefer more formal outdoor designs rather than “wilder”, less structured ones. Today our lawn care Arlington TX experts are here to give you a few ideas on lawn edging using natural materials, emphasizing thus the current trends of landscaping we mentioned on a previous occasion.

Plants and Ornamentals

The easiest way to edge a beautiful lawn is to use plants, ornamental grasses, flowers, small shrubs and even some dwarf trees if you want a little bit of privacy on one of the lawn’s sides. Some favorite such edging plants are French marigolds (we have already talked about), but also potted bougainvillea (in their tree-tamed shape, not the vine one), some Texas superstars, White Gaura shrubs, Dwarf Butterfly bushes, Texas Gayfeather grass, Mexican Feathergrass, and so on. Many choose native flowers and grasses to border their traditional turf lawns to cut back some costs and have an easy time with maintenance. Moreover, many native grasses, shrubs, and flowers make a beautiful contrast with the turf all summer long, turning the lawn into a small corner of paradise.

Rocks and Stones

One of the most beloved manners to edge a lawn, rocks and stones are also efficient in creating small, short retaining walls for flower beds and other landscaping elements. Coming in a wide range of varieties, stones and rocks give a lawn a finished, organized, neat, yet rustic look that designers love – especially this year when everything is about natural elements and raw designs. Your rock and stones lawn edge can also blend in perfectly with your rocky fire pit, the stone patio or the stone-bordered pond. Rocks and stones look amazing in contrast with green turf and colored flowers and are some of the easiest landscape elements to maintain.

Wood Edging

If you opt for an even more natural, rustic, raw, and simple design, you can use wood to edge your lawn. Treated wood may be detrimental for your plants and turf, while natural wood will deteriorate in time and will need replacement. However, the latter option is the safest for the environment and the most naturally looking. When people think of wood edges they usually think about small short fences to separate different areas of a garden or lawn. However, landscape designers also favor the use of short logs fixed in the ground to make more rustic fences out of them. If you care for symmetry and neatness, you can choose the logs to have the same height and circumference. However, for a truly natural, rustic look, you can choose logs that aren’t quite identical in height or circumference.

Ask your lawn care Arlington TX specialists more about lawn edging natural ideas and revamp your property this summer in an easy, beautiful way!

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