Lawn Care Waxahachie, TX Experts on Perennials’ Summer Reboot: 8 Key Activities

Perennial plants are highly recommended to homeowners as they are long lasting wells of evergreen garden color, scent, contrast, texture and depth. Perennial flowers, vines or shrubs usually fade away during the scorching months of summer, but this doesn’t mean you have to let them die. Today we have here our lawn care Waxahachie, TX specialists who drafted a few recommendations with the help of their landscaping Ovilla, TX colleagues on how to reboot your perennials. What does this mean, exactly? Most perennial plants can be persuaded to flower again and develop flowery branches and new foliage if you employ a few non-invasive interventions. Do you want to have your perennials blossoming once again during summer? Let’s see the next 8 key-activities!

1. Tree / Shrubs / Flowers Pruning

You should have pruned and trimmed your trees and shrubs already – as this is a late winter / early spring activity, but you can give it a try now as well. You need to prune and cut only the dead tops of your trees and bushes, shrubs and flowery hedges to push them into blossoming again.

2. Dead Flowers / Flowery Branches Cutting

Wait until the flowers are dead and then cut the flowers of your perennial plants as close to the base as possible. The same principle applies to flowery branches. This activity helps flowery vegetation to blossom again.

3. Intensive Watering

Perennials need plenty of water in summer – especially the ones you cut to have them blossoming again. Check with your local water regulation organisms and ask your lawn care Waxahachie, TX experts for help with proper watering techniques and schedules dedicated to perennials.

4. Radical Cuts of Scruffy Plants

Many perennials display their flowers in late spring and early summer, only to fade and die. After the first blooming cycle give the scruffy looking plants a radical cut to promote new and fresh blossoms and leaves all over again. Ask your lawn care Waxahachie, TX experts to help you with scheduling the radical cuts’ frequency all summer long.

5. Shorten Tall Perennials

If you cultivate tall perennials like summer phlox or peonies, don’t let them grow above a 2-feet tall threshold. Wind and heat negatively impact tall plants and keeping them shorter also helps them thrive.

6. Degree Cutting

Perennial shrubs or bushy perennial flowers need to be cut in degrees – the dried or aged parts in the back and center of the bushes or shrubs should receive a more radical cut than the front side. Degree cutting requires skill, so ask your local landscaping Waxahachie, TX team to give you a hand.

7. Perennials’ Division

You have to divide flowery perennials when their center dried out or died of age. This helps them thrive and blossom again.

8. Cut Vines and Climbing Plants

If you want your perennial vines and climbing plants to reboot in a new cycle of flowers and leaves you should cut the dead flowers and dried flowerless sprouts close to their base.

Ask your lawn care Waxahachie, TX team to help you with the trickier activities and reboot your perennials for a long summer of heavenly inflorescence and scents!

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