Lawn Care Mansfield, TX Experts’ Tips on Summer Roses Care

If you gather around gardeners all over the world, they will probably tell you that their favorite flower is the rose. No matter if you grow heirloom roses or new hybrids, these majestic plants are an evergreen source of delight. But roses also have a bad reputation – they are considered hard to grow and maintain. They need specific care and balanced nutrients, pruning, feeding, watering, weeding, pest and disease control and so on. But, as everybody will tell you, roses are worth the trouble. And, in fact, they are not really THAT hard to maintain if you follow some rules and guidelines. Today our lawn care Mansfield, TX specialists and our landscaping Arlington, TX experts joined to offer you a short but comprehensive guide on summer roses care.

The Holy Triad of Growing Lush, Healthy Roses

Despite their differences, all roses develop and thrive if you base your maintenance tasks on the following three pillars:

  • SOIL: A reliable and healthy soil for roses should feature a pH level between 5.5 and 7. Sometimes you need to use some soil organic amendments to help them thrive and burst into large flowers with powerful scents and colors.
  • WATER: water is mandatory for roses and given the high temperatures in the area, they need to be irrigated properly. Make sure your roses get at least 2.5 gallons of water weekly (sometimes they need more, so make sure to water them every time you find that the top 2 inches of soil are dry). Slow and deep irrigation is more efficient than shallow irrigation, so ask your lawn care Mansfield, TX specialists to install a smart landscape irrigation system on your property. It will water all your vegetation properly, respecting the local watering regulations in your area and saving you resources and money. Make sure you also water the roses very early in the morning.
  • SUNLIGHT: your roses should receive at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. If you are new to cultivating roses, make sure you have them far from shadowy areas and protected from shadow-loving bugs, snails, slugs and weeds.

Organic Soil Amendments for Roses’ Thriving

Seasoned gardeners use roses’ specialized fertilizers, also known as Rose Food. Such products contain balanced amounts of N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus), and K (potassium). However, we have talked in the past about organic fertilizers for plants and vegetables – now it is time to see such organic ingredients you can use to boost your roses’ health, strength against heat, weeds and pests, colors, scents and growth.

  • Chopped banana peels – rich in potassium, they boost your roses’ growth and strength.
  • Coffee grounds – they make perfect soil amendments for the roses which love more acidic soils.
  • Epsom Salt – rich in magnesium and sulfur, it helps roses burst into larger buds and flowers, enhancing their colors and fragrance.
  • Fish tank water – use regularly changed water from the fish tank to give your roses a healthy shot of nitrogen and trace elements.

Always ask your lawn care Mansfield, TX specialists for their advice on watering, fertilizing and pruning roses in summer and enjoy your personal patch of fragrant heaven!

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