Lawn Care Cedar Hill, TX Specialists on Summer Weeds and How to Prevent Their Thriving

Summer is THE season to have weeds coming and going all around your property, sprouting in the most unexpected of places and giving you plenty of troubles. Proper summer lawn and landscape maintenance means regular and efficient weed control – but sometimes it get a little exhausting. Using weed killers is not always the best option. Just like in the case of pesticides, chemical weed treatments can deeply and negatively impact the soil, the plants’ roots systems, the water infiltrated into the soil and the crops (if you grow vegetables or fruit trees). Weed killers should be traded with precaution. Our lawn care Cedar Hill, TX specialists are here today to help you make the best choices when it comes to summer weeding. Let’s see a few preventative measures we can all take to block weeds development.

Proper Customs Inspections

While you can’t really prevent birds and insects to drop and carry around some weed seeds on your property, you can still control the weeds you bring home. If you buy new potted plants from the nursery to integrate them into your lawn and landscape, make sure you plant them without the inherent weed seeds that are already there in the pots (this is something you cannot really avoid).

  • Find out for how long the plant stood in the nursery and in the pot – the longer the amount of time, the higher the risks of having some weeds excited to germinate.
  • Ask your lawn care Cedar Hill, TX experts to assess potted plants and look for weeds before you plant them in the garden. Better yet, have them pick the right plants from verified sources to lower the risks of introducing new weeds to your property.

Don’t Disturb the Weeds More than Necessary

The problem with weeds is that you never know which of them and how many of them are in the mood to pop up their ugly heads one day or another. This is why they should better be left undisturbed; as not all weeds germinate in summer. Keep your cultivation and gardening activities to a minimum – there are always weed seeds to germinate if they get proper sunlight and aeration, so you should replace your cultivation activities to a minimum. Ask your lawn care Cedar Hill, TX experts to help you keep the soil de-compacted, moist, aerated and fertile without disturbing the dormant weeds in the soil.

Layer and Layers of Mulch

We talked about mulching the trees, but mulch can be your best ally in your weed prevention tactics. Organic mulch helps the plants develop stronger roots, while keeping them moist, cool and protected against weeds. However, if you want a strong blocking system, you should consider synthetic mulch.

Synthetic or inorganic mulch is found as plastic and landscape fabric or stone / gravel soil surface covers. Such layer protects the plants and trees from weed infestations – although they don’t fertilize the soil, as they don’t decompose.

Your lawn care Cedar Hill, TX specialists can offer you an expert weed prevention and control program based on tailored substances and organic methods to keep your property safe from invaders.

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