Lawn Care Arlington, TX Specialists’ Guide on Summer Tree Mulching

Seasoned gardeners know that mulching is a necessary lawn care and landscaping activity meant to protect and nourish everything green on their properties. However, many overlook the importance of applying mulch in early summer to keep their trees strong, healthy and safe from the scorching heat and the damaging pests. Today we have our lawn care Arlington, TX specialists offering you a short but comprehensive guide on the importance of using mulch and the activity of mulching all your trees. They are backed up by their landscaping Mansfield, TX colleagues who also emphasize on the aesthetic value of mulch.

Mulch: Definition, Uses, and Value

Mulch is an organic product you can make yourself on your property. It usually consists of grass clippings, shredded leaves, chipped and shredded tree bark, twigs, straws, paper (newspapers usually), compost, composted manure, and so on. Mulch can be woody – and less recommended as it decomposes slower, being absorbed into the soil at a very time-consuming rate – or it can be moist. The latter is the one preferred as it decomposes faster and nourishes the soil properly.

Of course, fast-decomposing mulch needs to be replaced and refreshed from time to time, so if you don’t know when and how to do it, you can always ask your lawn care Arlington, TX experts to offer their help.

The value of mulch in a garden and around trees is incommensurable: it retains moisture thus protecting the roots’ systems against summer heat, feeds the plants and trees as it decomposes and gets absorbed into the soil and fends off pests and weeds. Mulch also looks good, neat and tidy – this is why its aesthetic purpose is emphasized by professional landscapists. Besides keeping the covered areas fertile and cool, it also makes a nice contrast when used in flower beds and around trees or shrubs.

Mulching the Trees in Summer: Guideline

  • This highly nutritious organic product needs to be placed in a 3-inch thick layer around each tree.
  • The area covered by the uniformly applied layer of mulch should have a circle / ring shape. You need thus to cover a circular area around each three in a 3-foot wide layer of mulch. The logic behind this is that the mulch layer has to cover as much of the trees’ roots area as it can.
  • Keep in mind that you have to preserve a 3-inch distance between the mulch layer and the tree bark. This is very important! Let your tree barks breathe. If the mulch presses against the bark, you risk facing a have collar-rotting organisms’ infestation in that bark’s area – this can actually lead to the trees’ death. If you want to make sure the mulch doesn’t even touch the bark then separate them with a circle of cobble stones for a pleasant visual effect.

This process of applying mulch is known as the 3-3-3 rule and it should be followed no matter if you apply mulch around trees or bushes and shrubs. If you feel you are not skilled enough to correctly apply mulch around the trees, ask your local lawn care Arlington, TX specialists to give you a hand.

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