Intensive Lawn Care Midlothian TX Residents Need for Damaged Lawns

Even under regular circumstances, caring for one’s lawn is never an easy task. Most home owners are also busy professionals who don’t have the time, energy or skills to put in that much effort into properly caring for their lawn, which is precisely why they usually hire a specialized team. But sometimes, a so and so lawn care company can fail to deliver advanced care, beyond the basic mow and go, and you may find yourself with a damaged lawn. When that happens, taking the necessary measures is a delicate but urgent task if you want to nurse it back to lushness. Here is what you need to know about it.

In most cases, the problem that led to the lawn’s damaged state wasn’t a matter of neglect or bad intentions, but an underlying imbalance in the soil or some undetected lawn care mistake. To be able to fix it on the long run, you should first find out exactly what the problem is and only then choose the best approach to repair and rebuild, based on the result you find. According to our lawn care Midlothian TX experts, the initial investigation should employ professional staff and it should always start with testing the soil. The particular one in our area tends to be affected by the high presence of clay in it, which can make it too compact and, as a result, nutrients and water may not circulate properly.

After you determine the cause for the damage of your lawn, you can choose from three routes of fixing it. You can either over-seed, or keep the existing grass but work on the soil, or you can replace the lawn completely, depending on the results of those labs you order. If the soil is fairly ok, then you can just cut some slits into it, dethatch and over-seed, while also making sure you don’t repeat any lawn care mistakes you might have made in the past. If there are moderate problems with your soil, then you need to aerate it and then enrich it with the substances it needs (like a certain type of fertilizer) in order to make it friendlier for the lawn.

In the unfortunate case of things being really amiss with your soil, the route which our lawn care Midlothian TX experts recommend is a complete removal and rebuilding of the lawn. That means that after removing the grass, there will also be some herbicides applied to take care of weeds, and then the soil will be improved by adding compost or peat to it and mixing it in. After topping the soil with a layer of organic soil, a new lawn will be planted to better and lasting results.

With the amount of time and effort that will go into rebuilding your lawn, it is obviously best if you employ a specialized team to take care of the whole project. Since the task of repairing a damaged lawn is more advanced than a regular mow job, you need to be very particular about whom you hire for it. Good luck with your lawn!

These tips were brought to you by Vista Turf Lawn & Pest, your local lawn care expert for Midlothian TX, Mansfield TX, Grand Prairie TX and many other neighboring areas. If you need help with your lawn, we’re the right team for the job.

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