How to Deal with Pest Infestations: 3 Pro Lawn Care Tips

In our years of servicing the Midlothian TX area and the surrounding areas, we’ve discovered that pests are perhaps the most common issue standing in the way of good lawn care. Property owners who fall behind on the proper cleaning and lawn maintenance schedule are often confronted with pesky insects and rodents. Now, it’s worth mentioning that most insects are naturally attracted to grass, which they use as food – however, not all of them are necessarily detrimental for your turf. Some are absolutely innocent; others, on the other hand, can really be destructive.If you’re afraid you might be facing a harmful insect or vermin infestation, our Vista Turf lawn care professionals are here to set your mind at ease. We can come in to help you get rid of the beetles, mice, slugs, snails, raccoons, or caterpillars that are currently pillaging your lawn. We can even offer assistance in removing the unsafe trail of germs that they leave behind. And, most importantly, we will readily support you with offering helpful tips to ward off rodents and harmful insects.

#1 Get rid of what’s luring in the pests

Take a good look around your property. See any puddles of standing water? What about birdfeeders, with spilled food around them? Pools of water will attract a whole bunch of different pests, from cockroaches to several species of beetles to mosquitoes. Start spreading the water around by using an broom for outdoor use – it will evaporate quicker this way. Then, clean up all the seeds around your birdfeeder and make sure to keep the area clean at all times. All it takes to ward off pests is a bit of time investment into cleanliness. And, trust us, rather than having to deal with mice and bugs, it’s a small effort.

#2 Go natural against the pests

This doesn’t apply to all pests, but some species of insects, as well as slugs and snails, can be kept at bay by using all natural substances. One such product is diatomaceous earth, which is sold in fine white powder form and is made of dried organisms that live in the sea. Not only is it cheap, but it’s also entirely safe for your plants and grass. Also, you can use beer to ward off snails and slugs. Leave a dish filled with beer out on the lawn and watch how they will be instantly lured away from the grass and toward the beer. Eventually, they will drown in the beer, if they can climb into the dish.

#3 Go diverse

One of the worst things you can do is treat your lawn as a monoculture. Ideally, you should have several species of grass planted on your lawn, because by having a single one you will be much more exposed to the risk of damage. While this will not keep all pests at a distance, it will certainly make it easier for you to spot pests and spot-treat the damaged area.

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