Get Rid of Outdoor Structures Roaches: Pest Control Cedar Hill, TX Pros’ Tips

It seems that our brains are somehow programmed to fear cockroaches, these nasty creepy crawlers that have no issues with temperatures or seasons, lurking around your property at all times. As a responsible homeowner you have probably already implemented roach-control measures inside the house and keep your property clean and tidy to make sure pests don’t thrive easily. However, as our pest control Cedar Hill, TX pros noticed lately, more and more homeowners built outdoor spaces – this being one of the major trends in landscaping this year as well.

As we said before, outdoor rooms are all the rage this year – but when it comes to pest control, such areas seem to be neglected because, well, they are outside. Cockroaches in the outdoor kitchens, pantries or dining areas – now this is a problem responsible people shouldn’t overlook, especially during slower seasons that involve less gardening and lawn maintenance. Today we will take a look at some issues with roaches and some organic approaches on how to get rid of them from your garden kitchen.

1. Identify the Infestation

A roach infestation in your outdoor structures can be easily overlooked especially this time of year. Since you probably don’t cook daily outside or throw parties, roaches can have their way undisturbed. Many outdoor structures are associated with cooking, eating or preserving food – a true heaven for the pests to thrive. Food leftovers and vegetal debris collecting outside make perfect environments for roaches to multiply and start an invitation on your property.

First and foremost, make sure you clean, disinfect and maintain order in all your outdoor rooms, be them kitchens, barbecue areas, patios, working spaces and so on. Remember that roaches are scavengers and while they won’t thrive on living plants, they will love garbage cans, compost piles, food scraps and organic fertilizers containers. Prevention is your weapon of choice here, as roaches can hide in the most unlikely of places and they love wooden hideouts, attics, sheds and stone/wood structures and piles.

Remember that roaches can be also drawn to paper, textile, electrical wires, wallpaper, shoes and many other unthinkable sources of food or shelter.

2. Call the Experts

The problem in Texas is that we have a dozen different pests and then some. Cockroaches can be easily mistaken with water beetles and other crawling insects that might actually do no harm to your lawn or outdoor structures. If you see some creepy crawlers lurking around your outdoor buildings don’t panic and don’t start spraying chemicals all over the place before consulting with a specialist. Our pest control Cedar Hill, TX experts can come down, assess the situation, identify the bugs and implement the proper pest control techniques.

3. Think Organic Roach Control

While chemicals are the most favored methods to repel cockroaches, it is not such a good idea to treat the areas you cook in, eat or use as relaxation spots. Many pest control chemicals are harmful to kids and pets especially and your pantry would fare better in the lack of sprays, solutions and traps. This is why our pest control Cedar Hill, TX experts recommend you follow some organic and non-toxic cockroach control measures:

  • Bay leaves
  • Soap or ammonia solutions
  • Baking soda and sugar mixes
  • Boric acid baits
  • Pepper and garlic solutions

Ask your local pest control Cedar Hill, TX team to recommend you the best prevention and intervention solutions to keep a possible roach infestation at bay.

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