Functional Landscaping Grand Prairie, TX Experts’ Tips

A healthy lush lawn and landscape are an owner’s pride and joy, especially when all your friends compliment you for your incredible green thumb and your taste in choosing the most spectacular contrasts and textures of flowers and plants. And while you enjoy the garden party, you feel happy for seeing some envious faces in the crowd, as you do indeed own one of the most beautiful landscapes in the neighborhood. Landscaping Grand Prairie, TX passionate are indeed proud of their properties, but many started wondering if a lush lawn is enough for a sustainable living.

Since we’ve talked a lot about organic landscaping trends, we have to emphasize on functional landscaping as well. Simply put, the functional gardening concept revolves around the idea of turning a part of your landscape into a natural kitchen. What about growing vegetables and scented herbs, spices and edible plants to turn towards a sustainable living and add them to that delicious barbecue?

Functional landscaping Grand Prairie, TX experts advise us to add to your lawn, beside decorative greenery, also vegetables and fragrant herbs to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. If you are open to the idea, here are some tips on how to begin:

1. Install Vertical Racks with Pots

Simpler put, build vertical gardens if you don’t want to steal patches of grass to plant rows of vegetables. Use an empty wall to install racks and fill them with pots containing everything from parsley to basil or thyme, for beauty and fresh herbs to make cooking spectacular.

2. Mix Flowers with Scented Herbs

Some fragrant plants, like basil or lavender, are also pest repellents, so you achieve two goals with only one solution. Insert rows of scented herbs in between flowers in rows or flower beds and enjoy not only the benefits of organic gardening, but also endless resources for cooking, making beverages and tonics and so on.

3. Build a Vegetable Garden

Keep in mind that some vegetables are even better looking like ornamental flowers and plants. Turn a patch of land into a veggie garden, either built on the flower beds model or in a more traditional, row-oriented manner. While you enjoy the diversity of colors, textures and contrasts, you will also have fresh veggies all year long in the kitchen.

These ideas have been promoted by many famous personalities, First Lady Michelle Obama included. The ability of yielding food on your property goes well together with eco-friendliness, sustainability and taking advantage of the crop of the land, lawn care Arlington, TX experts confirm.

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