Five Scented Native Plants for Your Fragrance Garden: Lawn Care Red Oak, TX Specialists Share Their Tips

Ask any professional horticulturist about fragrance gardens and they will immediately start talking about the importance of growing scented flowers and plants to add more value to your property’s aesthetics. In Texas, people emphasize on the strategy of growing native plants, so today, our lawn care Red Oak, TX specialists joined other landscaping Arlington, TX experts to share with you some recommendations of fragrance. We talk about cultivating flowers, plants and trees which are both gorgeous looking and hypnotizing fragrant.

1. Magnolias

This lush and gorgeous tree is an old-time favorite in these parts, because the large fragrant white flowers and the dark green glossy foliage make a spectacle of color, contrast and scent. Magnolias are perennials that will enchant you with their looks, majestic presence and scents all summer long. In order for you to grow and enjoy magnolias on your property, you need to make sure you prepare a deep soil with a neutral-to-acidic soil. Magnolias need moderate watering so they make perfect companions for your property.

2. Mountain Sage

If your landscape design allows the introduction of new shrubs on your property, you can always opt for the mountain sage. It loves a good drained soil and it surely knows how to put up a visual show with its crimson-red flowers. It will be the highlight of your garden or yard from July to October. This is a deciduous shrub of the multi-branched type growing 3-5 foot tall.

3. Angel’s Trumpet

If you want to grow this highly appreciated gorgeous and scented perennial, you should consider keeping children and pets away from it, as all of the plant parts are significantly toxic. This is a medium-sized branching plant that is famous for its white and highly fragrant trumpet-like flowers. The coarse green foliage makes an exquisite contrast with the delicate white trumpets – a dream came true for any gardener. Ask your local landscaping Red Oak, TX specialists to help you find the best place to plant Angel’s Trumpet and enjoy a symphony of perfumes all evenings and nights from summer through fall.

4. Chocolate Daisy

Now how about having flowers and plants smelling like tantalizing chocolate in your garden or back yard? Chocolate Daisies are perennials that love a well drained soil (otherwise being adaptable to almost all conditions) and which pull off a show of yellow daisy-like flowers smelling of chocolate. This is a 1-3 feet high and wide perennial which flowers from April to November.

5. The Prairie Rose

Climbing and twining flowery vines are probably the most spectacular ways of adding beauty, lusciousness and fragrance to a landscape. This thornless rose vine can climb up to 6-15 feet tall and can gorgeously embellish a gate, a kiosk, a shade or privacy screen, a fence and so on. It offers rosy pink flowers blooming in May. As time goes by, the pink fades to white, thus creating a multi-hue effect all summer long. It also comes with red fruit which is showy and tasty for deer, so make sure you keep the vine protected. The vine tolerates both sun and shade.

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