Five Beneficial Insects: Lawn Maintenance Mansfield, TX Experts List

Five Beneficial Insects: Lawn Maintenance Mansfield, TX Experts List

Lawn maintenance would be nothing without a few pest control activities of preventative nature. Just as you know, not all insects are harmful to your lawn and garden, even if some of them look pretty gross. Many of them, however, are natural soldiers patrolling your property and keeping invaders at bay. Pest treatments are necessary in an overall lawn maintenance plan, experts agree, but you can also attract beneficial insects to your garden, to prevent future severe pest infestations. Lawn maintenance Mansfield, TX specialists recommend you attract at least five beneficial insects to your lawn and garden and keep them safe, while they work for you. They will also increase the biomass on your property, leading to a better release of oxygen, thus helping the environment.

1. Ground Beetles

These beetles come in around 2,500 species and they are all incredible pest predators. They take the night shift, as they are nocturnal, coming from under rocks or mulch layers to feed on maggots, snails, slugs, Colorado potato beetles, corn earworms, cutworms and plenty of caterpillars. You can attract them to your garden by planting some perennial plants to make them feel at home. They also feed on many species of weed seeds.

2. Lady Beetles

Beautiful and innocent as they may look, these insects are some of your best friends in lawn care activities and pest control strategies, lawn maintenance Mansfield, TX experts emphasize. There are around 200 beneficial lady beetle species and they all have one thing in common: they feed on your pests and some forms of plant disease. The specialized adult lady beetles feed on mites, mealybugs, small caterpillars, scale insects and powdery mildew. Their larvae prey on aphids and insect eggs as well. They love pollen and honey, helping with pollination as well.

3. Braconid Wasps

Wasps are regularly considered pests, but not these ones. There are around 2,000 North American native braconid wasp species which don’t sting, but make excellent killers of pests. They are pretty sadistic when it comes to ravaging their prey. They hunt for tomato hornworms, other caterpillars, bugs, aphids, leaf miners and some species of flies. They also love some honey and pollen so let them hover over the flower beds.

4. Lacewings

These fine insects with transparent wings and an appetite for aphids are also famous for their larvae, which are indeed true killers. The larvae – called aphid lions – can clean your lawn and garden of small caterpillars, dangerous aphids, mealybugs, whiteflies and other insect larvae as well. However, they can also prey on other insects as well, lawn maintenance Ovilla, TX warn us, so keep their numbers under control.

5. Spiders

We don’t like them, but many of them are incredibly beneficial insects. Many predator species feed on aphids, cutworms, fire ants, lace bugs, mites and flies. Don’t remove their nets and give them some companion plants as well for a safe home to do their job.

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