Extreme Heat? Protect Your Turf with Our Lawn Care Red Oak, TX Specialists’ Advice

Even in Texas heat can get extreme (even if it sounds like a paradox) and your turf and vegetation are the first ones to be negatively impacted. While many consider that watering is enough to counter the scorching sunrays and the dry winds, our lawn care Red Oak, TX specialists beg to differ. Your front lawn or backyard turf can get burnt to the ground together with all your other plants and trees if you resume your maintenance program to watering only. Today we have our lawn care Red Oak, TX experts accompanied by their landscaping Arlington, TX colleagues willing to share some of their tips with you to keep your turf sparkling green and thriving even if extreme heat waves damage everything in their path.

1. Smart Watering and Irrigation Tips

First and foremost you should check your local watering regulations and adapt them to the watering needs of your lawn. This is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind.

  • Only water very early in the morning, respecting the grasses’ watering needs.
  • Don’t overwater the lawn just to make sure it stays green – besides wasting important resources, you risk to damage the soil and the turf roots, depriving them of oxygen and favoring the development of mold, soil clay and clumps, moist-loving diseases and weeds. While you may feel compelled to water twice a day, have your lawn care Red Oak, TX specialists water the turf according to its needs.
  • Have a smart irrigation system installed on your property – it is always better to water deeply and slowly then fast and superficially. Your landscaping Red Oak, TX team can help you choose a proper irrigation system that can save you water, effort and money while keeping the turf sparkling green.

2. Mowing the Lawn under Extreme Heat

  • Keep in mind to always respect each type of grass’s mowing height and higher up the lawn mower blades during the heat wave. Letting your turf to grow a bit higher allows it to better face a heat wave as it preserves its energy. Longer turf blades offer the soil some shade and moist, thus making the turf more resilient to heat, pests or weeds.
  • Never mow the lawn during an extreme heat day as it will only stress the grass more.
  • Never mow the lawn the day you watered or it rained – you should avoid at all costs the occurrence of clumping.

3. Lawn Maintenance Tips

  • Don’t use chemical fertilizers or pesticides during an extreme heat period – heat and chemicals can burn everything to the ground and negatively impact the soil, the turf roots and the beneficial insects living on your lawn.
  • Ask your lawn care Red Oak, TX to help you with cultivation activities during heat waves – dethatching, planting, aeration or turf removals stress the lawn and favor the occurrence of weeds and diseases.

Your local lawn care Red Oak, TX team can help you plan and implement lawn care activities to keep your grass green and healthy without any risks so don’t be shy in asking for their advice!

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