Efficient Lawn Watering: Lawn Care Grand Prairie, TX Experts’ Tips

We have talked about efficient lawn care in Texas and the preservation of water, but this time we will get into the specifics. Many of our readers wanted to know how they can improve their watering routines so they can have lush and healthy lawns all year long, but also save some water and some money in the process. Our lawn care Grand Prairie, TX experts are joined today by their lawn care Waxahacie, TX colleagues and offer you a short guide on smart, efficient, healthy and budget-friendly watering tips and tricks you can implement without problems.

1. Follow the Correct Watering Guidelines

Your lawn needs watering depending on the soil it is based on, the grasses and vegetation species you grow, the presence of shade / sunny areas and so on. There are no two lawns alike and this is why it is best to ask your local lawn care Grand Prairie, TX team to come down, make an overall spring inspection and offer you a personalized watering schedule. However, there are some general watering guidelines you can follow and one of them says that in May and June you should water your lawn every other day for 15-20 minutes, starting at 4 a.m. – for established lawns. For newly seeded lawns, you need to listen to your local landscaping Grand Prairie, TX specialists and respect the guidelines they offer you.

2. Upgrade Your Irrigation System

You should check with your local water authorities and see if you are eligible for a smart watering program including incentives and rebates for installing smart watering systems. An irrigation controller is in fact a type of smart clock that saves you watering quantities, effort and money. It regulates how much water to be used depending on the climacteric conditions and the soil state and tells your sprinklers when and how much water to use. Talk to your local Grand Prairie, TX experts to check for landscape irrigation system leaks and broken sprinklers or pipes – leaks lead to overwatering and huge bills.

3. Use Expert Tips and Tricks to Save Water and Money

You should tend to your lawn all year long and employ a few watering and money tips and tricks recommended by our lawn care Grand Prairie, TX experts. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Don’t water the lawn in the middle of the day, the sun will turn your efforts useless and never water in late evening or during the night, as you risk fungal developments.
  • Always mow the lawn according to the turf’s recommended mowing height. If you mow the grasses too low or too often you allow the sun to dray the turf and let it vulnerable to weeds, pests and diseases.
  • Change your mowing direction so you don’t stress the grass and leave wheel marks, as stressed and damaged lawns need even more water to thrive.
  • Add clean layers of organic mulch to keep the soil moisture and protect the vegetation.

Ask your local lawn care Grand Prairie, TX team to help you implement the most efficient watering routines and tricks so you can save money, time and resources.

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