Efficient Lawn Care — Midlothian, TX Residents Share The List Of Aspects To Avoid

Sometimes you may find yourself on the edge of giving up working on your lawn. Things like constantly wasting effort, time, and money can make you start neglecting your landscape. Still, this will not exactly be such a smart move, because it is a well-known fact that any residence with a great looking garden maintains (or even increases) its value and curb appeal over time.

Therefore, instead of bailing out on the basic maintenance of your lawn, it might prove useful to know what are the possible mistakes that you are making. By acknowledging the potential bad practices you might have been doing unknowingly, there is a big chance that you can start performing proper lawn care. Midlothian, TX property owners may want to take a look at some of the most common mistakes in landscaping and lawn care.

Neglecting the soil

The importance of your lawn’s soil is inestimable, since it provides the foundation on which all of your plants, turf, or flowers will grow and develop. Soil testing can reveal its profile, which plays many essential roles. Moisture maintenance, root system development, thatch build-up, even the presence of certain insects are all influenced by the nature of the soil. You can ensure turf quality through focusing on the appropriate type of soil; automatically, you will not waste either time or money on fertilization anymore.

Choosing the wrong grass

There are countless types of grass, each with its specific features and requirements. Before choosing a specific grass type, you should first know the climate and weather conditions in your area. Some types of grass grow much better in certain areas. If you choose the right grass you will reduce the time spent on watering and mowing.

Applying fertilizer incorrectly

According to lawn professionals, most fertilizers that contain nitrogen are considered “hot”, which increases the tendency of your lawn to burn. Over fertilization is also counter indicated, as it will limit root growth. The best method to apply fertilizer is to opt for the slow release technique – it disperses the necessities of your lawn over time and also ensures enough nutrients are received.

In addition, other common mistakes in lawn care that you should avoid are overwatering your lawn, mowing using dull blades or cutting too much of the grass, and not performing aeration or de-thatching anually.

Looking for further advice? Our specialists at Vista Turf Lawn & Pest are here to help you. We are proudly providing lawn care to Midlothian, Waxahachie, Mansfield, Arlington, Cedar Hill, Red Oak, Ovilla, Kennedale, Grand Prairie and the surrounding TX areas.

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