Create Focal Points this Summer: Lawn Care Ovilla, TX Specialists’ Advice

If your lawn and landscape looks a little dull this year, it’s time to think about creating focal points with the help of some well-chosen elements. Focal points are those spots on your lawn, front yard, patio, back yard, or garden where visual lines intersect. The human eye naturally follows lines and the most common focal points on your property are your front door, the intersection between the sidewalk and the porch or at the beginning or end of a path. Also, some focal points can be created in certain house angles and garden corners which would otherwise be neglected. When it comes to focal points, the main idea is to attract the eye towards them through color, shape, or size. Today, our lawn care Ovilla, TX experts are here to offer you some tips, tricks, and advice on creating focal points with the help of some amazing elements.

Bougainvillea – Jack of All Trades

As we know, bougainvilleas can be tames to grow as potted plants, trees or vines – depending on what we want to use them for. In case you want to add a focal point (and cover in the same time) a fence placed way in the back to use as a colored backdrop for other landscape elements, choose vine bougainvilleas and have a veritable wall of color and beauty.

To emphasize a certain spot in your garden, a corner of the lawn, the front house or the end of a pathway, choose a potted bougainvillea. These plants love their roots constrained to promote flowers and color over foliage, so a pot of bougainvillea can be placed anywhere on your property as long as it gets full sun. It will also make an excellent focal point of your driveway if it happens to bathe in the sun all day.

The Red Maple Tree – A Texas Native to Love

The Red Maple tree is a Texas native symbol of color and beauty. Its red leaves in fall represent quite a visual show and allows you to keep your focal points throughout the year. The Red Maple will grow large, but it needs little maintenance. It can stand some drought (but make sure you water it properly) and it tolerates well many weather conditions and types of soil.

This tree will win your eyes and heart all year long as spring flowers are red, summer fruits and twigs are also red, while the foliage turns into a surrealist yellow-to-scarlet painting throughout fall. Being a native, local tree, this maple won’t cause you any problems. On the contrary, it will provide you with the focal point you need and also with shade, privacy and beauty you so desire.

The Red Maple is also pollution tolerant; this is why many use them to edge their driveways or parking lots. It is resilient to pests and diseases.

If you want more ideas on how to create focal points on your property this summer, ask your lawn care Ovilla TX specialists. They can help you plant, transplant and introduce some new vegetal elements to boost your landscape’s look in no time!

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