Core Elements of Landscape Design Kennedale, TX Experts Consider

How many times have you stopped to admire a spectacular outdoor space in your neighborhood? With a little effort and specialized help, you can achieve similar results for your own yard and property. Experts in landscaping Kennedale, TX homeowners trust employ advanced techniques and design principles to create a harmonious look. As they say it is all about the synergy between colors and textures, lines and forms, theme and scale. Here is how pros consider these core elements of landscaping.

Colors and Textures

Landscape Kennedale, TX pros know how to make use of colors as concerns the selection of flowers, weeds and hardscape. Colors are the main elements that add a vibrant touch to the overall appearance of a property. Some landscape artists like to create a sense of contrast, by using a diverse color spectrum, while others love harmonious or more conventional combinations. Of course, the property owner has the power to influence the experts’ decision.

Texture is the second element that goes hand in hand with color usage. Leaves, flowers, trees barks have different textures that have an impact on the visual aspect of the property. They can either add a sense of fineness or the impression of roughness.

Lines and Forms

As our landscaping Mansfield, TX professionals put it, all structures employed in the economy of a landscape, such as walkways and beds of flowers, are first to be considered in terms of lines, and then of form.

As you can imagine the use of lines and forms has a powerful impact on the aesthetics of a garden or yard. For instance, our landscape design Ovilla, TX specialist use straight lines to create a more formal, conventional look. For a more informal, relaxed appearance, they recommend the use of curved lines.

When it comes to lines, there are other aspects to take into consideration, say landscape maintenance Arlington, TX experts. Vertical line, for instance, created by means of trees and arbors arrangements can make a yard look bigger.

The overall design plan also influences the use of forms. These either refer to the natural shape of plants and trees or to personalized landscape structures like topiaries.

Theme and Scale

Finally, it is the scale and theme that can change the overall appearance of a property, say our landscape Kennedale TX pros. The scale is the relationship between all elements mentioned above in terms of size. It is essential not only to choose a theme and employ all other principles around it, but also to base the size and style of objects used in the yard on the size and overall look of your home.

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