Cheap and Healthy Lawn Maintenance Arlington, TX Tips Residents Should Know

Lawn maintenance Arlington, TX activities are taken very seriously by the homeowners in the area and many of their properties are picture-perfect magazine covers which are the pride and glory of their owners.

But everybody knows that the maintenance of a verdant, thriving and lush lawn and garden needs quite the budget. Lawn mowing, watering, fertilization, weed and pest control, aeration, trimming and everything else in between don’t happen out of thin air, and they certainly don’t come cheap. And since residents in the area are very proud of their outdoor landscapes, they are willing to invest time, effort and money in lawn maintenance.

However, cutting lawn care Arlington, TX costs is not impossible – and can be done without any compromise and without threatening the healthy and luxurious development of the entire green landscape. Today, experts in lawn maintenance, Arlington, TX share a few tips on cutting down lawn maintenance costs to achieve a healthy lawn.

Mow Less Often

While you may feel inclined to mow the lawn frequently, the lawn care Arlington, TX experts recommend you to actually let the turf grow up to four inches before taking the lawn mower out. The thicker carpet of grass will resist better to hot temperatures and even drought.

Make Your Own Herbicides

Homemade herbicides are not only healthy for your lawn, but they also come very cheap. You have plenty of ingredients in your kitchen to make your own corn gluten meal for instance. This is one of the best organic weed repellents, keeping dandelions and crabgrass away from your lawn and garden. Moreover, applying organic homemade herbicides makes the lawn a healthier environment for children to play around with their pets. Lawn care Kennedale, TX experts agree with their Arlington colleagues: use corn gluten meal as herbicide three times a season and watch your lawn thrive healthy and safe from weeds.

Remove Pests with Homemade Products

Lawn maintenance involves pest control activities to be done with care and responsibility, as crawlers, microorganisms and insects can be detrimental to the lawn and the health of your family. Cheap and healthy pest repellents come once again from your kitchen and bathroom: liquid soap, Epsom salt, baking soda, coffee grounds, egg shells and even cooking oil, when mixed correctly, become true insecticides. Moreover, they are organic and healthy, so there are literally no restrictions in using them.

Lawn maintenance Arlington, TX tasks can indeed be performed with less money and effort, and the results will be spectacular.

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