Beware the Wolf Spider: Pest Control, Kennedale, TX Pros Share Their Advice

Come fall and you have a handful of pests on your hands – or in your garden, as a matter of fact. Among all of them lurking around your property, the wolf spider is an interesting creature that is quite a threat for people and pets. While the wolf spider isn’t a real danger for crops, plants or vegetation in general, it is harmful to beneficial insects, children and animals. Today, our pest control Kennedale, TX specialists want to share their tips and advice regarding this spider.

What is the Wolf Spider?

This is a 1/2 inch to 2 inches long spider with eight legs and sporting an orange-brown coloring that can go to grey or black body camouflage. Sometimes the spiders also feature splashes or stripes of color. The spider, just like any other one, comes with eight legs. However, what makes it a danger are the two appendices – two supplemental legs or “arms” – which extend out to the front.

One particularity of the spider is that it doesn’t build webs. It is a highly dangerous predator that hunts at the ground level and can even run on water – being supported by the water’s surface tension. This is why you need to keep your eyes open, as if you have a swimming pool or a pond on your property, these villains can turn into real dangers.

One of their nastiest traits is that they are incredibly speedy, agile and aggressive when threatened. If they feel your presence around, they haste to their hiding places and your wood piles, soil holes or ground debris are their favorite ones. They live in between wood logs, cracks and gaps in outdoor or indoor structures and they have a sustained activity during the night.

Why is the Wolf Spider Dangerous?

The wolf spider hunts for insects covered by the night and while you won’t see your vegetation affected, you might notice the downfall of beneficial insects’ populations. Also, if you have pets freely roaming around at night, you should be aware that the wolf spider’s venom is toxic to cat and dogs. Those people suffering from allergies and young children are the most vulnerable when it comes to this spider’s bite and toxin release.

Children and adults also suffer from this spider’s bite – although it is not fatal, the toxins can lead to severe tissue damage. The problem is that it may also seek shelter into the house in early fall and it is not uncommon to find these spiders in garages, basements, attics, windows or around indoor potted plants.

How to Control the Wolf Spider?

This creature is not hard to recognize due to its large size, but it is often mistaken with the brown recluse. Call your pest control Kennedale, TX specialists for a correct assessment and some control measures.

  • Usually, such counter strategies avoid direct contact but imply chemical means.
  • If you just aerated the soil, keep an eye on the holes.
  • Don’t leave piles of wood, debris or dead leaves unsupervised on the property.
  • Seal all cracks, crevices, openings or gaps on all your interior and exterior structures, especially if you have outdoor buildings.
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