Adequate Lawn Maintenance in Mid-Spring: Lawn Care Waxahachie, TX Specialists Share Their Advice

The temperatures are getting higher and higher, and the summer scorching heat is ready to take over the land. In order to keep your property green and lush all season long, you probably think that watering is the most important lawn management activity you must perform. You are right, watering is extremely important from mid-spring to fall, but there are other activities you should take into account to boost your property’s looks and health. We have here today a few tips, tricks and pieces of advice from our lawn care Waxahachie, TX specialists who are decided to give you a hand in preparing the lawn and garden for the heat to come.

1. Say Goodbye to Some Plants

There may be some flowers or plants that you love, look good for a while and make great elements within the general property landscape, but they are also the first which succumb in the face of pests and disease. They may be exotic or non-local, or they make present a certain vulnerability to your environmental conditions. If each year you see they give up when attacked by pests and disease, you should say goodbye to them and replace them with native plants and grasses. Ask your local lawn care Waxahachie, TX experts to install native flowers and grasses. They are resilient to the area’s climacteric conditions and to local pests and disease.

2. Revamp Your Property

If you feel that your front lawn and garden need a bit of a push to look fresh, renewed and perhaps more colorful, these months are the best to plant new grasses, flowers, herbs and vegetables. Ask your local landscaping Waxahachie, TX experts to recommend you a nice looking and heat enduring selection of grasses, annuals, perennials, scented herbs and even vegetables and fruit. There is nothing healthier or more pleasurable than eating your home-grown tomatoes and nothing more gorgeous than a well chosen picture-perfect ensemble of begonias, geraniums, marigolds and zinnias, mixed with an assortment of thyme, sage, rosemary or red peppers.

3. Feed and Fertilize

If you haven’t applied a good layer of compost on your lawn and garden, now it’s the time to do it. Top-dress the lawn with a half-inch layer of home-made compost. Also spread a uniform layer of compost (no more than 1 inch) in flower beds, around trees and shrubs, in the vegetable garden and so on. We have talked about making compost on your own property, so now it’s time to use it to fertilize your soil, keep the plants, grasses and all vegetation protected from the heat. Make sure you water the layer of compost so it doesn’t get burnt from summer heat, especially in large sunny areas on the lawn. Ask your lawn care Waxahachie, TX experts to guide you in using compost and teach you when and how to water it for the best results.

Landscape maintenance may be tricky in hot areas sometimes, but not impossible. You need to water and mow according to your lawn care Waxahachie, TX specialists’ advice and use as many organic solutions to keep the property healthy and thriving all summer long.

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