7 Easy Early Fall Maintenance Tips from our Lawn Care Arlington, TX Experts

Lawn care and maintenance are permanent concerns for all homeowners wanting to have true patches of Paradise on their properties. Fall makes no exception: while nature envelops the surroundings in brilliant, surrealist colors, scents and hums, you still need to take some proper early fall measures to make sure your property ready to face the colder season. While it is true the climate offers you plenty of flexibility, some tasks will put your mind at ease that every root and every flower are going to thrive perfectly next year. Today, our lawn care Arlington, TX experts are here today to offer us some quick and easy tips to implement this early fall.

1. Soil Testing

If you tested the soil in early spring, you know the drill: you have to call your lawn care Arlington, TX specialists to perform a thorough soil test. You need to learn the current pH levels, the soil’s needs of fertilization, drought-induced problems, and drainage problems and so on. Depending on these results, you will make further steps to prep the soil for the next months.

2. Aeration

You did it once in spring, maybe, but now it’s the perfect time to aerate. If the soil has nutrients deficiencies, aeration lets the substances reach deep to the roots’ systems. Also, sun, air and water will be better absorbed and stored for the next months.

3. Reseeding

Foot traffic, scorching heat and even pests can lead to the formation of bare spots here and there all over the lawn. Properly reseed the lawn and water the areas accordingly. If you fall under local water consumption regulations, make sure you also follow them correctly. Keep people, children and pets away from the reseeded areas until the new grasses take root.

4. Mowing

Come early fall and you can raise your mower’s blades up to ½ inch – 1 inch tops. If the grasses grow taller they can better get and store sunlight, turning it into nutrients. The lawn might also become denser, a positive outcome, as it can better fight against seasonal weeds. Bermuda, zoysia, St. Augustine and other grass varieties do well if you let them grow taller these months.

5. Irrigation

Early fall comes with an emphasis on evergreens, which need some extra water in September and October. Have you lawn care Arlington, TX experts tailor you a watering schedule in accordance with the local regulations and your vegetation’s need for irrigation.

6. Weed Control

This is a good time to use pre-emergence herbicides to counter fall weeds’ attacks. Have your lawn care team implement the early fall weed control program.

7. Mulching

As a last tip, in early fall you should turn the mulch to add a fresher and healthier boost of nutrients to your flower beds and trees and revamp the landscape with a newer look. You can use shredded dried or green leaves to replenish the mulch where it seems scarce. A new layer of mulch fertilizes the soil and keeps pests and weeds away, so you should take it seriously. Have your lawn care Arlington, TX specialists advise you on what mulch or groundcovers to use this time of year.

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