6 Plants to Have as Mosquitoes Repellents: Lawn Care Cedar Hill, TX Experts Share Their Tips

Mosquitoes are present almost everywhere in Texas, as the climacteric conditions of the state allow these nasty pests to thrive. Sometimes people have a hard time getting rid of them. Insecticides, sprays, and traps may be efficient, but today we have a new approach for you: natural mosquito repellants represented by some specific garden plants. Lawn care Cedar Hill, TX experts have some ideas and tips, so let’s see five common herbs you can plant around the house to keep mosquitoes at bay.

1. Rosemary

One of the herbs used mostly in the kitchen to add flavor to many types of dishes, rosemary also acts as a pest repellent. Its scent can contain a mosquito infestation. It loves the sun and it can also be grown in pots for indoor use. It also works as a medicinal plant and can be mixed in some home-made teas and lotions to act as a mosquito repellant for the body.

2. Mint

Used in the kitchen or as an herbal remedy, mint is a common, sturdy herb which acts like a very good pest repellant. It seems that mosquitoes, in particular, are repulsed by mint’s scent. No matter if you go for the wild species or the cultivated ones, mint works miracles. Plant it around the garden, keep it in decorative pots or have crushed leaves around the house. Mosquitoes will keep themselves at a safe distance.

3. Marigold

These beautiful flowers go great with your residential landscape design. But there’s more to marigolds than lush blossoms and sparkling colors. It seems they have a scent that makes mosquitoes go crazy. Find marigolds a place in your overall landscape and flower garden or keep the flowers around the house in vases to determine mosquitoes to never get close to you again.

4. Lavender

Lawn care Cedar Hill, TX experts make a very interesting point: almost all herbs we keep around for flavoring food or use as medicinal natural remedies are also important pest repellants. When it comes to lavender, mosquitoes reject its scent just as much as we humans love it. Plant lavender in the garden or pots spread here and there around the property. Inside the house, lavender also keeps moths at bay and has many healing properties.

5. Garlic

Crush some garlic and spread the cloves around the property, in between flowers, on the turf, all around the soil and all over the outdoor spaces. Garlic is an exquisite mosquito repellant in its raw, natural form. You can also mince garlic, add water and spray the areas where mosquitoes seem to thrive.

6. Basil

Great in the kitchen, basil is perfect for deterring mosquitoes. Plant it in your garden to have a fresh add-on for your salads and dressings and also keep pests at arm’s length. Landscaping Mansfield, TX specialists recommend basil as a mosquito repellant for the indoors as well – grown in pots or sprinkled dry around the house.

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