6 Critical Natural Lawn Care Mansfield, TX Tricks to Employ During Autumn

When autumn comes, all property owners rush towards gardening shops or lawn care Woodlands, TX lawn services companies to get everything they need to keep their turf and gardens beautiful. We know you want to have the best looking lawn and landscape in the neighbourhood and enjoy a lush, healthy lawn all year long, but our lawn maintenance Mansfield, TX experts have some advice for you before you start any lawn care work.

Be Patient

You should start working on your lawn only when the grass starts growing again and the temperatures are warm enough. Too early lawn care and dethatching may sometimes lead to grass and plants damages. Wait for those shy sunrays to regain their power, lawn care Ovilla, TX pros say.

Wait Until Mid-Spring for Dethatching

Let nature do the work for you! Wait until mid spring for the soil to get dry, the grass to come back to life and the roots to find their way deep in the ground. The dethatching equipment can harm severely the turf if the grass and soil are not ready yet for those blades. Let early spring to do its job and check for the soil to get really thwarted before dethatching.

Choose Between Over-seeding and Weed Control

Lawn care Mansfield, TX pros can give you a hand in choosing whether to start autumn works with weed control, over-seeding services, or postpone the seeding until next summer. Check first on the weeds and grass seeds situation and learn what is mandatory to begin with.

Let the Rain Pour and Save Some Water

Autumn is usually a rainy season, so you shouldn’t overdue with watering, as it can damage the grass. However, if you see the turf dry and unhealthy, our irrigation repair Red Oak, TX colleagues say you should let your sprinklers do their job. If you don’t have enough rain, then it’s time to water the lawn and plants deep.

Only Use Clean Sharp Equipment

You won’t ever see our lawn mowing Mansfield, TX experts using dull blades on their lawn mowers. Clean the blades after you use the mower and sharp them regularly. Dull rusty blades harm the grass and leave it frail against disease and pests.

Test the Soil

Call in some fertilization Mansfield, TX experts to test your soil. Once you know its pH, you can use properly a wide range of fertilizers and nutrients, herbicides and insecticides. Learn what micro and macro nutrients it needs and make the best organic combinations for a healthy soil and a thriving spring landscape.

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