5 Mid Fall Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid this Season: Lawn Care Ovilla, TX Experts’ Advice

Come mid fall and many homeowners believe they now can sit back, enjoy and relax, as the cold weather is on its way and there is no need for lawn care activities or property maintenance. However, this is a very good time to assess the property and make sure everything is ready for winter. Moreover, many property owners make the mistake of neglecting some chores that will ensure them a thriving and plentiful landscape next spring. This is why we have our lawn care Ovilla, TX experts with us, to warn you about five common mistakes people make this time of year, so you can avoid them.

1. You Neglect the Autumn Weeds

Early and mid fall are the best periods to apply some pre-emergence weed treatments. Dandelions, nutsedge, henbit or Bermuda grass tend to be at their peak this time of year – especially dandelions. While many think that the best weed control programs are performed in spring, don’t neglect the mid fall month also. The weed control measures focus on the weeds’ roots, so they can’t take over your land next spring. Have your lawn care Ovilla, TX experts evaluate the situation and help you fend off the autumn weeds in the lawn or flower beds.

2. You Underestimate the Common Fall Pests

We said earlier that many Texas properties can and will be invaded by the most common (and some of the most dangerous) pests: wasps, roaches and rats are the true enemies of both your outdoor landscape and your home. Make sure you inspect every hole and crevice on your property and have your pest control Ovilla, TX experts implement the correct extermination treatments in case you have a rat or roach colony threatening to take over the yard or the house.

3. You Discard Fallen Leaves

Some say that leaving fallen leaves all over the place represents a means to naturally nourish the soil as the leaves decompose. However, this is a risky decision, as piles of wet, dry or dead leaves left on the ground only invite rats, roaches and diseases to evolve and spread. Don’t let leaves behind, but don’t discard them either: use the lawn mower to shred them and use them to upgrade your compost heap or turn them into truly nutritious and safe mulch for trees or flower beds.

4. You Don’t Mind the Type of Landscape Cover You Use

Many beginner gardeners use plastic ground covers to keep their properties safe. However, installing plastic layers under the mulch layers can chafe and downright suffocate roots. Our lawn care Ovilla, TX specialists recommend you use landscape fabrics instead of plastic ones.

5. You Underestimate Wildlife

Sometimes you can be in full control of your property and its status, while other times you find that some wildlife managed to break in your property and chew on some of your seedlings, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and trees. It’s not likely to have animals roaming around your property in herds, but don’t neglect to install fences, fix holes, cover ditches and so on. Why allowing trouble to arise when you can simply prevent it?

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