5 Lawn Maintenance Kennendale, TX Mistakes to Avoid This Cold Season

Winter is coming, and together with it, all cold season-inflicted problems to your lawn and garden. Low temperatures, freezing, strong winds, they are all facts, even if some areas are more protected than others. It doesn’t matter, as winter can cause permanent damages to the soil, the trees’ bark, the plants, the turf and the seeds, so a few protective measures are mandatory. However, lawn maintenance, Kennendale, TX experts found that many homeowners make some common mistakes when preparing their lawns and landscapes for winter. They chose the five most common errors people make in the cold season, telling us how to avoid them.

1. You Don’t Water the Plants

It sounds pretty counterproductive to water plants, grasses and trees in autumn and winter, as these are the wettest seasons of the year, right? Well, lawn maintenance Kennendale, TX experts tell us that it’s not the actual cold that kills plants and trees during winter – it is dehydration. Poor watering also makes roots vulnerable to disease, so water your garden well, every time you get an optimal temperature outside.

2. You Don’t Fertilize Properly

Poor plants and trees fertilization may lead to the development of disease or poor nourishment problems. You should use the proper fertilizers for winter preparation, as well, as the granular types have a slower release and dissolve poorly in cold temperatures. Ask your local lawn maintenance Kennendale, TX experts’ advice on the proper winter fertilization and the best nutrients so plants stay safe all year long and erupt splendidly in the spring.

3. You Don’t Use Mulch Properly

Mulch is one of the best measures to employ in getting your lawn and landscape ready for the winter. Use high-quality, organic mulch to cover the ground and the soil beneath the trees. Don’t overdo, however, as the mulch layer around trees shouldn’t go more than 7-8 inches. Also, try to cover as much space as possible: spread the mulch layer around two feet starting from the tree. Make sure all those precious plants of yours have a protective layer offering them moisture, hydration and fertility.

4. You Don’t Rake the Lawn Regularly

While a healthy layer of fallen leaves works as protection for the lawn, too many leaves mean mold and fungus accumulations, not to mention disease stimulation. Leaving leaves behind clutters the lawn, and the snow deposited on them only triggers the growth of infections. Rake the lawn as often as you can, for a tidy, clean and healthy outcome in the spring.

5. You Use Weed Killer in Cold Temperatures

It’s true weeds can pop up their ugly heads even in winter, but the use of weed killer and similar pesticides or herbicides is detrimental for the lawn in cold temperatures. Lawn maintenance Cedar Hill, TX experts advise homeowners to find alternative measures to keep weeds at bay in winter and consult with their local lawn maintenance company for the best strategies.

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