5 Lawn Care Ovilla, TX Ideas to Add More Color to Your Lawn and Garden

If you take a look at specialized magazines in home and garden decorations, you will see that 2016 is going to be all about color. Pantone already established its colors of the year and many lawn care Ovilla, TX and landscaping Grand Prairie, TX specialists already have brilliant lawn upgrading ideas. Color on your property is what makes it pop, focus attention on, enchant and please the owner and its guests. Color makes any front yard, back yard, patio or pathway, no matter how large or small, to capture one’s eye and heart, adding value to the properties’ curb appeal. If you want to step out of the crowd this spring and create a lush, thriving colored paradise on your lawn and garden, listen what our lawn care Ovilla, TX specialists have to say!

1. Flowers

The easiest way to add color to your lawn, house front, back yard and patios is flower planting. Do a soil test first and ask your lawn care Ovilla, TX specialists to pick the best colored and jolliest flowers for your property. Install them in beds or containers, border walkways, and decks, add flowery hedges and shrubs, install wooden racks with flowery vines and so on. Let your property blossom in spring and summer in a symphony of color and scents!

2. Trees

Pick flowery trees which grow best in your area and choose those whose foliage turns into surreal paintings in fall: Japanese maple trees or cherries, dogwood, smoke trees, magnolias, you name it! Go for evergreens and build shady areas, privacy ones, and outstanding outdoor living spaces.

2. Colored Turf

Lawn care Ovilla, TX specialists have issues with grass paint but are more than fond of using different types of turf in different shades of green. Ask them to add new grasses and turf in interesting patterns: wide stripes, chess board patterns, concentric circles, polka dots, diagonals, curves and so on. Alternating light green turf with darker green one in smart patterns adds color, texture and contrast to your lawn.

4. Vegetables

Veggies are a great way to add color and functionality to your lawn and garden. While you can enjoy the looks of bright red tomatoes or lush green peppers, you can also pick them for your summer salads. There are plenty of colorful and low maintenance veggies you can add to your property, in rows, beds or even large containers and pots. Mixing flowers with vegetables (and even berries) also attracts butterflies, bees and ladybugs, beneficial insects which will turn your lawn into a small patch of paradise!

5. Herbs

If you are into spicing up your food and life, add color to your garden with the help of scented herbs and edible plants. Many of them work as pest repellants, so you will have added benefits to planting them. Thyme, lavender, rosemary, basil, peppers, they make amazing herbs and spices for your dishes and can also act as herbal remedies. Ask your lawn care Ovilla, TX specialists to help you pick the best plants to play different roles, depending on where and how to plant them on your property!

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