5 Home-Made Fertilizers for Thriving Lawns and Gardens. Lawn Care Mansfield, TX Experts’ Recipes

We have talked about using organic fertilizers as a long-term sustainable plan for a healthy lawn and garden. We have also touched the topics of beneficial plants and insects to allow on your property for eco-friendly pest and weed control. However, since many of our readers requested some specific recipes of home-made fertilizers to make, we summoned our best lawn care Mansfield, TX experts to give us some details on the subject. However, before starting your home-made fertilizers adventure, make sure you call in lawn maintenance Mansfield, TX experts to test the soil and make recommendations related to the use of fertilizers (acidic vs. non-acidic ones) and the nourishment needs of the soil.

1. Epsom Salt

Its official name is “Hydrated magnesium sulfate” and its magnesium concentration makes it perfect as a vegetables and flowers fertilizer. Epsom salt can be mixed with water to be sprayed on the plants or to water the soil around roses or vegetables. It is highly beneficial for tomatoes, onion, cabbage or peppers, but also for roses and even ornamental pot plants.

2. Coffee Grounds

Lawn care Mansfield, TX specialists are huge coffee fans and they never throw away the grounds. Coffee grounds can be used dry – spread around vegetables, flowers and trees in a thin layer, they provide the plants with nitrogen, potassium and phosphoric acid. You can mix coffee grounds also with dry leaves and straws and dry grass clippings for an added level of nitrogen. You can also mix it with water in a standard bucket, let it rest for two days and water the soil with the liquid. Berries and flowers, evergreens, roses and azaleas love coffee!

3. Egg Shells

You can turn your every day breakfast into a fertilizer. After you had your coffee and your eggs, keep the eggs’ shells. Lawn maintenance Kennendale, TX specialists love egg shells because they serve a double purpose: fertilizers and pest controllers. Egg shells are over 90% calcium, so they are the perfect companions for tomatoes and other veggies as well. Crush previously washed egg shells and spread the powder around the garden, every root there will just love them.

4. Molasses

Molasses make the perfect fertilizers because they contain magnesium, calcium, iron, potash, sulfur and copper, among others. Blackstrap molasses feed the beneficial bacteria thriving in your soil. Such bacteria in turn feed on detrimental microbes and keep your plants healthy, strong and well protected. The simplest way to use molasses as fertilizer is to mix 1 to 3 tablespoons of molasses with a gallon of water and feed it to your plants roots for spectacular results.

5. Banana Peels

If bananas are great for human health, due to their rich potassium levels, they are awesome for plants too. You can simply burry one or two banana peels in the whole where you want to plant roses or vegetables. You can add the peels to the compost you make and feed the soil with the mixture.

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