5 Fall Lawn Care Debunked Myths for Beginners: Lawn Care Ovilla, TX Pros to the Rescue

As we said earlier, early fall comes with a set of lawn care tasks that will help you prepare the soil and the vegetation for “winter”, even if your area is still enjoying hot temperatures and little precipitations. If you are a beginner in lawn care and landscaping and you have plenty of contradictory information about early fall gardening, our lawn care Ovilla, TX specialists are here to clear things up. Here are five common fall maintenance myths that you should stop believing right now.

1. You Don’t Need to Water Drought-Tolerant Native Plants

While having native vegetation on your property together with drought-tolerant plants surely saves you plenty of water, this doesn’t mean these plants can go on without watering at all. If you experienced a scorching summer and now the dog days of summer are still upon you, your plants, and especially evergreens, need some soaking as well. Have your lawn care Ovilla, TX specialists implement you an early fall irrigation plan to counter the heat and the little rain you have – most importantly if you have new plants on the property.

2. Dandelion Control Works Better in Spring

One of the mandatory lawn care activities we spoke about was pre-emergence weed control. Dandelion and henbit have the time of their lives in early fall, spreading all over the place if not properly tackled with. The purpose of dandelion control in fall is to kill off the plants starting with their roots, so now it is the best time to take action before a wild attack ensues.

3. Fallen Leaves Should Always Be Raked and Removed from the Lawn

While it is not the most pleasant sight to have dead leaves lie everywhere, you can prevent them from smothering the grasses and allowing pests and disease to take over. You can shred them to pieces with your lawn mower and leave them behind as nutrient. If you want to take a step further, shred the dead leaves and make soft, nutritious and colorful mulch out of them, nurturing your property and refreshing its look.

4. Fresh New Seeds Have to Be Purchased for Reseeding Purposes

Another mandatory task in early fall is to reseed the bare spots of your lawn and give the new roots time, water and space to grow deep and strong for a spring boost of sparkling green. However, you don’t have to buy new seeds every single autumn season. Seeds can last for years if they are stored in a dry and cool place. You can keep them in a glass jar or a vacuum bag somewhere with no moist and no heat.

5. Treat the New Cuts of Pruned Trees with Tar or Paint

You see this done almost anywhere in the world and some stand behind their choice of painting or treating the trees’ “wounds.” However, our lawn care Ovilla, TX pros have a different opinion: dressing the cuts doesn’t always prevent moist and fungal diseases to evolve, on the contrary – the paint / tar layer can actually trap moisture and affect the tree. Leave the trees alone after you pruned them, the climate is beneficial enough for them to quickly recover.

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