5 Epsom Salt Benefits in the Garden: Lawn Care Arlington, TX Tips

We mentioned Epsom Salt before when we reviewed a few eco-friendly and organic lawn care principles and strategies. However, since many of our readers proved to be interested in the concrete uses of Epsom Salt in the garden, we talked to a few lawn care Arlington, TX experts and many landscaping Ovilla, TX specialists and made a short list containing the major 5 benefits of Epsom Salt in the garden. As a general rule, before using any fertilizers, organic or not, you should first test the soil. Another thing you should know is that Epsom Salt can be used as is (and can be incorporated in the soil) and as a solution (mixed with water to drench the soil or spray the foliage).

1. Have Sweeter Tomatoes

The high levels of magnesium in Epsom Salt are the perfect addition for your tomatoes. Magnesium deficiency leads to a loss in taste, color, and crop, so a good dose of Epsom Salt watering will help your tomatoes grow bigger, healthier and a lot sweeter. You can also spray them with a mix of water and Epsom regularly.

2. Grow a Lush Lawn

If you don’t grow vegetables, but care a lot about your lawn and turf, then Epsom Salt is your best friend in helping turf seeds germinate and boost sparkling green healthy grass blades. The Epsom Salt protects the grass roots and helps them get stronger in order to resist weather conditions, physical damage or mowing stress. A dilution of water and Epsom Salt sprayed on the lawn monthly will do wonders to the turf.

3. Counter Transplant Shock

Lawn care Arlington, TX experts know that transplants can stress flowers and plants a lot. In order to help the plants to adapt better and faster to their new environment and place in the garden, water the soil around them with a mix of water and Epsom Salt after the transplant. The fertilizer increases the production of chlorophyll and the nutrients uptake, giving the re-planted flowers a better chance to develop roots and grow healthier.

4. Nurture Exquisite Flowers

The rich level of magnesium in the Epsom Salt helps your flowers make more blossoms. Better flowering and stronger blossoms are every gardener’s wish, and Epsom Salt is the cheapest and eco-friendly solution. Lawn care Arlington, TX specialists noticed that plants grow more colorful and more textured flowers if treated with Epsom Salt. Incorporate it into the soil when planting flowers, or water the flowers with a water solution every 2-3 weeks. This will turn your roses, azaleas, rhododendrons, bougainvillea and gardenias into veritable works of art.

5. Green up the Yellow Foliage

You may find that some parts of the garden foliage turned yellow, although there are no environmental or seasonal conditions to justify the occurrence. Yellow or curled leaves and foliage is a sign of a magnesium deficiency. Spread Epsom Salt around trees, shrubs, vegetables, flowers and grasses you want to green up once a month.

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