5 Easy Solutions for Landscaping Your Property

As most landscaping and lawn care professionals will readily tell you, investing in such efforts will reap a lot of benefits. First off, they will definitely improve the curb appeal of your property. And secondly, they will make it easier for you to enjoy time outdoors, in the midst of nature. The best way to take care of the task is to hire professionals who will put your time, energy, and money to good use. Doing things yourself might work for some smaller tasks, but the pay-off is lower after all is said and done. However, we at Vista Turf Lawn & Pest encourage our clients to take a proactive approach and become involved in the planning aspect of the landscaping process. Here are five simple ideas worth taking into account:

Grass matters

When deciding what species of grass to have planted on your lawn, go for different species, but ones that do look at least slight similar. Not only will the esthetic appeal improve by choosing more than a single species and adding volume to your lawn; but you will also be able to better control pest infestation risks. Monocultures are also more prone to becoming overridden by weeds.


No matter if your property is small or large, you will need a professional irrigation system to keep the lawn and landscape healthy and lush. For ample properties, we recommend timer sprinklers, set up at strategic points, so that your whole property benefits from the watering. You should also consider drip hoses, which water the soil slowly and make the water be absorbed more efficiently. They are great for flower beds and plant beds. Mechanically timed sprinklers are also efficient in that they stand to lower your water bill.

Colors and sizes

Check out a horticultural guide on the topic of flower bloom size and color coordination – or even consult with a trained professional. The best approach in this respect is to select native species of flowers and weather-resistant shrubbery. They are easy to maintain and, since they’re local to your area, will also be less expensive to buy.

Play with elevation levels

A great optical trick for enhancing your landscape is to alternate various height levels throughout your yard. You can pile on some soil in certain areas to create mounds, or you can simply layer flower and plant species around your property. We recommend that you work with a designer, who can create a sketch of your plan and allow you to use it for guidance.

What about accessories?

Accessories are always a good idea for making your lawn look prettier. However, it’s important to figure out what will work for you and what won’t. Seating such as benches, fountains, statues, lighting fixtures, and other ornaments can also enhance the functionality of your lawn, not just the way it looks.

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