5 Do’s and Don’ts on Watering from Lawn Care Cedar Hill TX Experts

A lot of home owners, who could enjoy otherwise healthy and beautiful lawns, believe in a few out-dated myths about watering. That’s why we’ve asked our lawn care Cedar Hill TX pros to debunk some of them, as to help you understand the importance of proper watering. Sure, irrigation might seem easy on first glance. After all, all it requires is a faucet, running water, and a hose, right? Well, not really.The most frequently encountered home owner mistake, when it comes to watering, concerns under- and overwatering. Some believe that grass needs to be watered very often, in order to stay healthy. They are under the impression that daily (or every other couple of days) is the right way to it. However, unbeknownst to them, by acting this way, they are overwatering their lawns and consequently exposing them to major risks. Here are some of the biggest issues that can develop as an effect of excess watering:

  • Your plants and grass can drown.
  • Plants and flowers with a shallower root system can become over-stressed because of too much watering.
  • Humid environments are much more conducive to the apparition of weeds.
  • Too much water can end up washing away the fertilizing substances applied by your lawn maintenance team.
  • Finally, using excess water is a waste of a non-renewable resource and thus it is harmful to the environment.

So, then, what are the basic do’s and don’t’s of watering a lawn, as per our lawn service experts? As you will read below, proper irrigation is not brain surgery. However, it does require you to be aware of the particular needs that your own lawn comes with.

DO water your lawn one inch per week

DO opt for deep watering. The root systems of your turf can run as deep as 6 inches into the ground, so watering profoundly is far more efficient than shallow watering. Deep watering also stimulates root growth, which helps your grass survive drier seasons.

DON’T water during the day or evening. Watering your lawn early in the morning is preferable to watering during the day, when the water will just evaporate in the sun. Similarly, watering in the evening is not recommended either, as it keeps the grass wet for longer spans of time, thus encouraging the apparition of grass diseases. Also, grass tends to absorb more water at the end of a day spent in the sun.

DON’T cut your grass too short. As any lawn mowing company technician in Ovilla or Kennedale can tell you, grass shouldn’t be shorn shorter than by two inches at a time. Proper mowing will encourage root growth and prevent stress. Taller grass makes for more shade for the soil, which thus retains water better.

DON’T cut the grass in full sunlight. Freshly cut grass is sensitive and prone to drying out faster.

DO fertilize the lawn. Fertilization is another factor that promotes root growth, which means better resistance to dry spells. However, leave the fertilization up to the pros, since doing it wrong could spell disaster for your turf. Freshly fertilized lawns also absorb more water, so be sure to irrigate them properly.

DO optimize your watering needs. A smaller lawn is easier to care for and also gobbles up less water.

DON’T water the lawn if the weather forecast says it’s going to rain.

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