4 Perennials for a Complete Landscape Make-Over: Lawn Care Waxahachie, TX Pros’ Advice

Waxahachie is a great place to live in and grow a lush garden and manage a thriving lawn and landscape. One can fully dedicate himself to revamping and improving the looks of his property every year in this area. If you feel your overall design lacks some buzz, some color, and some depth, then it’s time to think about a complete landscaping makeover with the help of our lawn care Waxahachie, TX specialists’ advice and recommendations.

The easiest way to bring color, life and the “wow” effect to your property starting early in spring is by planting new flowers and shrubs. Our landscape maintenance Ovilla, TX experts recommend four perennials which will transform your yard, garden, and patios into magazine cover-worthy works of art. Let’s see what they are and how to make the best of each of them!

1. Mexican Bush Sage

Ask any landscaping Waxahachie, TX specialist about revamping a landscape and he will tell you this: first and foremost, you should bring life, color and contrast to turn a dull landscape into a masterpiece. This is why the Mexican Bush Sage should be among your first choices: it bursts into violet blooms, in a terrific mix of silver-gray foliage. It also attracts bees and many butterflies and can be used to add a spectacular look to flower beds, flower rows or patios.

2. Texas Sage

Used for hedges, in flower beds or mass plantations, the sturdy Texas Sage will turn your property into a picturesque patch of Heaven, as the purple flowers will charm you from spring through fall. It loves the sun, so it does well on sunny locations on your property. Your landscaping Waxahachie, TX experts can help you prune it and round it to control its shape and growth.

3. Red Yucca

The Red Yucca differs from the standard Yucca, as it doesn’t present spine-tipped leaves. However, it does grow dark green, thin, long leaves which develop from the plant’s base, giving your landscape a hint of originality. You will also love the Red Yucca because it starts blooming in pink or red bell-shaped flowers, from May to October. It is extremely resilient to heat and needs little to no irrigation or maintenance once fully established on your property. It goes great in flower beds, mass planting, and patios.

4. Oleander

The first rule when planting oleander is to keep small children and pets far away from it, as it is poisonous if ingested. Otherwise, you can enjoy this excellent perennial all year long. It also adds scent to your landscape’s looks and its bountiful flowers will offer you a symphony of salmon, pink and red colors. Oleander also grows white flowers, so ask your local lawn care Waxahachie, TX experts to mix the varieties for a spectacular effect. It needs little irrigation, so you should be careful with overwatering.

Ask your lawn care Waxahachie, TX specialists for advice with the choosing and planting these incredible plants!

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