4 Lawn and Garden Trends This Year: Lawn Care Ovilla, TX Experts’ Roll

Are you thinking about the way your lawn and garden will look like next spring? Are you already planning for a landscape makeover to spice up your property’s look and curb appeal? You are in the right place! Just like fashion and interior design, lawn care and landscaping are arts that come together with trends and innovative perspectives year after year. And, at the beginning of 2017, landscape architecture experts have already identified a few major lawn care and gardening trends you might want to look out for. Our lawn care Ovilla, TX experts chose a list of five such interesting trends as they are likely to become the most important by mixing an aesthetic and an eco-friendly approach.

1. Sustainable Lawn Care & Landscaping

Sustainability takes two different paths this year: planting more native grasses and vegetation and cutting down the turf square footage. A sustainable-centric approach to lawn maintenance is more economic, time saving, implies less maintenance, adds to the conservation of resources principles and so on. Planting native grasses, trees and shrubs and picking the ones that are drought-resilient and low-maintenance means smaller water bills and effort. Such an endeavor also positively impacts the environment, as endemic plants and turf also need fewer to none chemical treatments for fertilization, weed and pest control.

2. A Return to Authenticity

One of the most interesting trends this year is the use of natural, raw and rustic-looking landscape elements and structures. The popular use of natural wood, stone, or sun-dried tiles instead of concrete, metal or glass is already visible. People seem to move past the minimalistic, post-contemporary approaches to landscaping, choosing to refurbish garden furniture and implement a more rustic, retro-inspired aesthetics to their property. The building of outdoor structures as natural extensions of the home has never been more popular than this year.

3. Organic Lawn Care & Gardening

Our lawn care Ovilla, TX experts have talked about organic lawn care and gardening best practices many times before, but this year we will see a rise in the creation of integrated gardens containing vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers as companion plants. Blended gardens improve a property’s looks, functionality and sustainability as they offer fresh produce all year long, cut down the turf size and follow organic principles such as the creation of micro-ecocystems that bring together native edibles with flowers and spices, companion plants, bees, butterflies, and birds.

4. Smart Irrigation Systems and Rain Water Features

Water is a scarce and valuable resource and this year lawn care and landscaping trends revolve around smart irrigation and rain water harvesting. The first approach focuses on the use of app-controlled smart systems that water when it is needed and in the exact amount needed, with the benefit of being remotely controlled through a smartphone app even when you are away from home. The introduction of water features in a landscape (ponds, rock waterfalls, fountains) is definitely a great addition to your landscape and property curb appeal. However, following the sustainability principles, we will see more storm water management systems installed in homes and rain water features used as auxiliary watering resources as well.

If you want to learn more about the newest landscaping and lawn maintenance trends of 2017, ask your local lawn care Ovilla, TX specialists about how you can adapt them to your own property!

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