4 Good Reasons to Choose Professional Lawn Care, Cedar Hill TX Home Owners!

Living in a town called Cedar Hill conjures images of green pastures, lovely orchards, and landscapes peppered by lush ornamental trees. The town is fully deserving of its name and it also does justice to all the myths you’ve ever heard about old school Texas beauty. The climate here is perfect for those who love nature and spending time in the great outdoors. It’s subtropical, which means the weather is mostly warm and humid – sort of like in a perpetual spring, even in the depths of winter.In other words, if you love verdant natural sights, you would love living in Cedar Hill TX, such as Waxahachie, Red Oak, or Grand Prairie. As their monikers suggest, they are all about the beauty of nature – and their residents seem to be well aware of this connection. Not only are they hugely fond of the legendary barbecues and garden parties that have given Texas its reputation, but they also care deeply about their lawns, front yards, and gardens. We, at Vista Turf Lawn & Pest, have been providing lawn service in the area for years now and we’re happy to report that some of our most enduring accounts can be found in these parts of Texas. After all, it only makes sense that people who live in such beautiful surroundings should dread the sight of barren spots on their lawn, unsightly overgrown grass, and their ilk.

So, without further ado, we bring you the top five reasons cited by our clients in deciding to hire a professional lawn mowing company. Think about them, then decide whether or not your own lawn could benefit from our input.

You could mow the lawn yourself…

… but the truth is that great lawn care is about far more than knowing how to shear the grass with a machine. A truly healthful, beauteous patch of turf requires a lot more care and attention than the occasional mowing. That being said, it’s important to have an expert mowing technician on your property. With them there, you will never have to worry that your grass was cut too short, too often, or during the wrong time of the day.

We’ve got the technical know-how

Lawn maintenance begins with lawn mowing, indeed, but it continues with a ton of other specialized services. Vista Turf Lawn & Pest also handles weed control, leaf clean-ups, mulching, over-seeding, pest control, soil core aeration, and so on. Our technicians are constantly trained, to keep them up to speed with the latest technical developments in the field. We also have the requisite professional tools at hand, as well as plenty of hands-on experience in the area.

We’ve seen it all, in terms of lawn maintenance

A regular property owner or manager typically doesn’t know the first thing on how to handle a pest infestation or a diseased patch of turf. Experienced lawn service technicians, on the other hand, have seen their fair share of both frequent and uncommon issues. They know how to properly diagnose a disease, prevent the emergence of weeds, and address a pest situation.

We stick to a schedule

Good lawn care is also about doing the work whenever it is needed, according to a regular pre-set schedule. In order to thrive, lawns need regularity, when it comes to mowing, watering, fertilization, and so on. Also, lawn maintenance requires a good deal of strenuous physical effort. Why exhaust yourself while trying to seed the lawn, when our technicians are being trained for that precise mission?

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