3 Ways to Protect Your Young Trees in Winter: Landscaping Grand Prairie, TX Expert Solutions

Winter in Texas is not as hard as it is in other parts of the country. The mild temperatures and the calm weather conditions make it easier for homeowners to maintain their lawns and landscapes in better, healthier conditions. However, some winter protective measures are still mandatory, especially when it comes to newly planted trees. The young ones need a bit of extra care so they can stay safe from temperature droppings and develop healthily for a spring lush bloom. Landscaping Grand Prairie, TX experts have some guidelines for us to follow. After all, young trees, just as young children, need to be kept safe until their own strength develops at its own full potential.

1. Application of Mulch

Mulch is welcomed in winter, no matter how mild it turns out to be. If you just planted some new and young trees, a good layer of mulch will keep them nourished in a well-hydrated soil. It will also keep them safe from possible pests wanting to chew on the bark or dig deep to the roots. The layer of mulch should not be thicker than 7-8 inches, but not lower than 4. As we said before, the mulch layer should be spread in a circle-area of around two feet, starting from the bark. This ensures that the roots are well protected. Also, keep in mind that the mulch should not touch the young trees’ trunks.

2. Application of Burlap or Boughs

Even if Texas is somewhat protected against powerful freezing blizzards, the newly planted trees should be kept safe from all winds, no matter how mild. Depending on their position on the property, some young trees can also be more exposed to wind or air currents than the others. The application of burlap or boughs is a preventative measure to make sure they will thrive healthy in the spring. Your landscaping Grand Prairie, TX company can help you make the right choices when it comes to applying burlap and boughs in winter.

3. Installation of Tree Guards

Rodents such as rats and mice have can have a true feast in winter if you leave your newly planted trees uncovered and unprotected. Of course, your mature or old trees should be protected as well against rodents, but the young ones need extra protection. Installing plastic tree guards is a protective measure to make sure no animal reaches your trees. You can also install some other types of fences and rodent traps as well. Lawn care Arlington, TX specialists also advise to keep an eye open for wood-loving bugs and even yellow jackets.

As a last piece of advice, landscaping Grand Prairie, TX experts recommend you to keep your young trees hydrated, so they can develop a strong root system. Keeping them moist and nourished ensures a healthy bloom in spring. Also, make sure you rake the lawn and garden regularly so you can prevent the development of mold, fungi, and disease which can severely harm the young trees’ roots.

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