3 Pests to Watch Out for In Your Integrated Landscape: Lawn Care Kennedale, TX Pros to the Rescue

We have talked about some common winter pests you should quickly get rid of upon identification. However, if you own an integrated landscape containing turf, trees, flowers, vegetables and herbs, the plot thickens. Our lawn care Kennedale, TX specialists recommend you look carefully around your future spring and summer gardens and yards, as some pests attack everything in their way, from grasses to vegetables. Let’s see three common pests which don’t discriminate when it comes to harming everything green in your landscape.

1. Snails and Slugs

You may be surprised by our lawn care Kennedale, TX specialists’ first pick, but snails and slugs are the enemy, even in the hotter parts of the state. Snails have their hard, spiral shell house on their back, which protects them from heat and dryness. Even if snails and slugs thrive in wet environments and love a moist soil, they are pretty common in the Texan climate and make some of the worst possible invaders.

Snails and slugs feed on almost anything green: they have a special fondness for green leaves, flower stems and flowers as well. When it comes to vegetables, experts say a colony of slugs and snails can wipe off the face of the Earth young vegetable seedlings overnight.

2. Spider Mites

These spider-like insects are also common in Texas and thrive best in integrated landscapes. They feed on tomatoes, strawberries, fruit trees, roses, marigolds, junipers, and even rosemary. If you have house plants as well, you should also sleep with one eye open as the indoors doesn’t bother spider mites at all.

You can control spider mites with the help of beneficial insects acting like predators for the mites, but also using organic fertilizers sprayed on the leaves, flowers and vegetables. A proper fertilization and lawn maintenance professional program should help you free your property of them.

3. Beetles

These critters have a sweet tooth for your vegetables, leaving no tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants or peppers untouched. Their larvae feed on roots systems, so don’t get too surprised if you see your grasses, herbs and flowers suffer from the same infestation. The flea beetle variety will attack green leaves of almost any kind while the cucumber beetle will feast on all the cucumber and squash family members. Even if their impact is not catastrophic, keep in mind that both beetle varieties above are disease carriers and can spread bacteria and viruses which harm other plants as well.

Beetles control can be done in an organic manner, by adding companion plants and insects, by using trellises and by mulching. Weed and debris removal helps a lot as well. Chemical removal is also recommended, but with care, as it may harm the vegetables in the process.

If you have troubles with one or more of these common pests, call your lawn care Kennedale, TX experts to give you a hand with lawn maintenance, mulching, fertilization and weed control.

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